WEST LAFAYETTE -- Ridgewood Local Board of Education had its annual organizational meeting Jan. 10.

Jamie Hicks was chosen as the board president for this year, with David Shurtz elected as vice president. Both men, along with Dennis Bahmer, Frank Mathews and John Riebesell are the current school board members.

Committees chosen for 2011 are as follows:

* District Student Achievement Liaison -- Riebesell.

* District Legislative Liaison -- Shurtz.

* Buildings and Grounds -- Hicks, Riebesell.

* Finance Committee -- Hicks, Bahmer.

* Athletic Council -- Shurtz, Mathews.

* Insurance Committee -- Mathews, Riebesell.

* Certified Negotiations -- Hicks, Riebesell.

* Classified Negotiations -- Shurtz, Bahmer.

* Wall of Fame -- Hicks.

* Coshocton County Career Center Representative -- Riebesell.

* Policy Committee Appointees -- Bahmer, Riebesell.

* Records Commission -- Hicks.

Starting with the March 21 meeting, the board voted to hold the regular school board sessions on the third Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Administration Building on Oak Street. The next regular meeting is Feb. 14. Starting in June 2011 through August 2011, the meeting time will change to 7 a.m., same location.

During the regular meeting Jan. 10, the board entered executive session to discuss a grievance on a violation of OAPSE contract with a bus driver. The board later denied the grievance and reconvened to its regular session.

Commendations were given by the school board to Jill Collins and the drama class for its presentation of "The Christmas Bus" this past month.

The following items were approved:

* Resignation for Andrea Walsh, part-time teaching position for Ridgewood Elementary, effective Jan. 7.

* Resignation for Jason Ruegsegger, district tech aide, effective Dec. 31, 2010.

* Resignation for Steve Olinger, part-time grounds and custodian, effective Jan. 18.

* Extended unpaid leave for Peggy Klusty, effective through March 31.

* Rescind the contract for Lori Statler as interim treasurer. The contract had previously been approved during the Dec. 20, 2010, meeting.

* Melissa Dunn as a student teacher, effective Jan. 4 through March 17.

* Louise Cardenzana as a volunteer at Ridgewood Middle School.

* Early graduation was approved for Isabella S. Phillips and Lahoma Moore, pending completion of all graduation requirements.

* Correction approved for the starting date of the newly-hired school treasurer Jay Tingle. The corrected dates are Jan. 30, 2011, through July 31, 2013.