Following a recent search to fill a vacancy on the Newcomerstown Park and Recreation Board, it was announced that Greg Bowman has been appointed by Mayor Steve Guy to fill that vacancy.

Bowman is a longtime Newcomerstown resident and former owner of Bowman's Sportswear.

In other business discussed at the Feb. 7 Newcomerstown Village Council meeting, council approved dispersal of 360 hours of sick time to J.R. Simmons who retired in December. Council approved that Simmons will receive 80 hours per pay period starting with this week's pay. He will receive the 80 hours for the next four weeks, then 40 hours on the fifth week (final pay).

Council also approved the optional services of the Auditor of the State Local Government to prepare the annual cash basis financial report that is due to be submitted by the village by March 1.

Council also approved the denial of 360 hours sick pay to Tom Sauerbrey, who resigned from the Water and Sewage superintendent position, effective Feb. 4. Board of Public Affairs had reportedly submitted the request this week which the village cites Sauerbrey as not being eligible to receive sick time pay that had been accrued. The village states employees who resign are not eligible to receive accrued sick time pay. Village employees retiring from their positions, however, are eligible to collect sick time pay. Sauerbrey will receive his accrued vacation pay.

Village Solicitor Robert Stephenson II will be sending a letter to the Board of Public Affairs regarding the denial of Sauerbrey's sick time pay request this week.

Council later discussed concerns with the recycling option that is available for Newcomerstown residents. They wished to make the community aware that the compost (grass clippings, tree branches, old shrubbery or other plant debris) is no longer being accepted at the recycle bin located behind Baker's IGA. The village said they are noticing that residents are still leaving compost items at the site, as well as other items that are not recycle items. The village is reminding residents that the recycle bin is only for paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum cans, nothing more. Anyone noted to be leaving anything other than these items at the site will be considered to be littering, and action will be taken. The village thanks the community for their attention in this matter.

Council's next meeting is Feb. 21 at 7 p.m.