The Ohio Division of Wildlife is changing its deer and turkey checking system. As of March 1, sportsmen and women will see a new web-based license and permit system.

According to the Division of Wildlife (DOW), the new system will be user-friendly, convenient, cost-effective and technologically advanced. Hunters will be able to check game by phone, on the Internet or at a license vendor.

The new licensing and game check system will improve the DOW's fish and wildlife management and research programs by providing accurate, real-time harvest information.

One important change is to note that license customers will be asked for their social security number. Currently, the DOW has no ID requirement. Due to federal law, DOW's new system will require all customers to provide their social security number in order to obtain hunting licenses, fishing licenses and associated permits.

All hunters will still be required to check in deer and turkey harvested in Ohio. Hunters will no longer have to take their game to a designated check station with the option of checking in game in real time via the Internet or telephone. Game-check transactions will be available when hunters need them- evenings, weekends and holidays.

According to studies of other states with similar systems, game check compliance is the same, whether game is checked in person or electronically. People without phones or Internet access will still have the option to purchase licenses at license vendors and to take game to designated check station locations.

Landowners who do not have to buy a license to hunt on their own land would be able to check their deer or turkey using the Internet or at a license vendor location. The telephone option will not be available to landowner hunters. Landowner hunters will still need to comply with the procedure of making their own temporary tag in order to check in a deer or turkey.

For information about the new DOW system, go to or call 1-800-WILDLIFE.