WEST LAFAYETTE -- Abandoned and unsightly structures in the Village of West Lafayette may soon be the target of a bulldozer.

According to Mayor Jack Patterson, council members discussed the issue of these structures in the village and want to take action.

Mayor Patterson said he has appointed a Property Maintenance Committee and the goal will be to identify structures within the village that have been abandoned, and are considered unsafe and unsightly; then, work to have the structure improved or have it removed completely. The committee is comprised of chairperson Dave Rogers, and members Dean Wears and Ron Lusk.

Patterson said the committee will soon begin its study on structures that have been abandoned at least 90 days and are in obvious poor condition. The committee then will contact the property owner and proceed with a plan of either the owner repairing the structure, or having the structure demolished within a specific time frame. He said the committee is currently checking into all the details and regulations, and will soon begin preparing the study.

Other business discussed at the Feb. 14 council meeting included:

* A $6,500 bid on a dump truck that the village was planning to sell was rejected. The village plans to hold off on accepting any further bids at this time. The truck had recently been upgraded at a cost that was nearly half of the offered bid.

* The village water department has submitted its first bill to Pearl Valley Cheese for wastewater service since the service was expanded to Fresno and the Pearl Valley areas.

* Council approved the police department's purchase of a 2006 cruiser to replace the 2001 model that is currently in use. The cost of the new cruiser is $5,100 plus $300 for transfer fee. The village will then decide on whether to sell a 1996 Chevy Lumina that was donated to the village by Jones Metal, and have the 2001 cruiser upgraded to be used as a village vehicle. The 1996 Lumina has 150,000 miles, while the cruiser has approximately 127,000 miles.

* Village council approved a resolution to adopt the Coshocton County Hazard Mitigation plan submitted by the Coshocton County Emergency Management agency.

* A resolution for a contract with the Ohio CDC for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) was approved for the upgrade of the village's water treatment plant.

Council's next meeting is set for Monday, Feb. 28 at 7 p.m.