WEST LAFAYETTE -- Residents of West Lafayette are not the only people voicing concerns about the potholes that have recently sprang up (or out!). Whatever way you look at it, village officials have taken note of the problem and are looking at ways to fix it as soon as they can.

According to Mayor Jack Patterson, "We (the village) are looking at ways to get the holes repaired. Paving the street is just not an option right now, the money is just not there for that right now."

Various council members voiced greatest concern about the potholes that have inundated Russell Avenue following the extreme cold temperatures, ice and snow that have hit the area this past month.

The village plans to try to at least patch the holes after the freezing-thawing period ends.

Other business discussed during the Feb. 28 meeting included:

* Council approved amending of the 2011 permanent appropriations; adding the amount of $784.13 to the police department's funds for supplies; and adding $490,000 to the Community Development and Building Grant (CDBG) for the recent water treatment upgrade.

* The village's Utilities Department will soon be distributing flyers, door-to-door to clarify the new billing cycle for the water and sewer services. The change will not change how much customers are charged for water and sewer consumption. It will only change when the bill is received and when it is due. The change will be effective with the March billing cycle. The bills will be mailed to all customers on or before the 25th of each month. The due date for all customers will be on the 17th of the following month. The change that is being implemented was designed cost containment. Questions can be directed to the Utilities Department at 545-7834.

* Dave Rogers said the recently-appointed Property Maintenance Committee has been moving forward as planned. He said there were a couple of property owners that are planning to proceed with possible repair/demolition of structures in the village that are in poor/unsafe condition.

* Chamber of Commerce will have its next meeting March 22 at 6 p.m. at Lafayette Pointe. The annual chamber dinner is scheduled for April 12 at Schumaker Farms; invitations will be mailed out soon.