Village of Tuscarawas Mayor John Decker and Matt Davis of Tuscarawas discuss points of interest on an aerial map of Warwick Township.

TUSCARAWAS -- The official name of Zeisberger Trail and Parks (ZTAP) was selected at the March 8 meeting of a local group dedicated to creating new recreational
opportunities for the area.

"Our new name reflects our groups desire to organize and collaborate with all of the people in the communities of Goshen,
Wainwright, Tuscarawas, Gnadenhutten, and Port Washington" said Joe Krocker of Tuscarawas,who organized the group in January. "David Zeisberger was one
of the earliest settlers in our area and the history of all of these communities was greatly affected by Zeisberger and the Moravian Church."

During the meeting, historic sites and other places of interest were marked on aerial maps of both the Village of Tuscarawas and Warwick Township, the group's initial
focus. It is desired to have a network of trails leading to key places in the village and a trial leading through the Wainwright area is also being discussed.
Ultimately, these trails could connect to the larger Tuscarawas County trails and the Ohio and Erie Canal Trails.

It was announced that a steak dinner
fund-raiser will take place July 16 at the Tuscarawas VFW. However, many donations toward the group's goal of raising $13,000 to fund the project plans have
been received.

"The best news is that we have not even started an official fund-raising drive yet," said Krocker.

Since the last meeting,
ZTAP has received donations of over $500 from individuals and businesses and Krocker has met with other potential donors. The Lock 15 Water Company
(Tuscarawas Councilman Chris Shamel) donated $300, the Warwick Lions Club donated $200, and other individuals donated more than $42. This is in addition to
pledges and donations totaling over $5,000 which were received earlier.

The group can accept tax-deductible donations through the non-profit Friends of
Tuscarawas County Parks organization. Send donations towards trails and parks in the Tuscarawas/Warwick Township to: The Friends of Tuscarawas County
Parks, c/o Ted Gerber, Zeisberger Trail and Parks Group, Box 23, Sugarcreek, OH 44681.

The next meeting will be April 12 at 7 p.m. in the Village
of Tuscarawas Community Center on Cherry Street, Tuscarawas. Everyone is welcome to attend.

"If you have any interest in this project, please
consider attending some meetings. The more people that show their support, the quicker we can break ground," said Krocker.

If you have any questions
or would like to make a donation, call Krocker at (740) 922-1653 or send an e-mail to The groups website was also completely redesigned
and expanded, visit