Local community leaders have helped make "My Favorite Book" available for children at Newcomerstown's East and West Elementary schools.

Local leaders and sponsors include: Terry's Pizza Shoppe, April's Country Kitch'n, Medi-Wise Pharmacy, Heaven Scent and Bowman Sportswear. These sponsors are concerned about the future of our children and believe this book will help their future.

"My Favorite Book" has beautiful illustrations that express moral values. The books are being made available as a gift to first grade through 10 years old.

A copy of the volume goes home with the child to become his or her very own. Printed in these books is a "Parent Guide" explaining the values covered in the book along with suggested topics for family discussions. With "My Favorite Book," extra copies of the book are given to the school along with access to an interactive website, www.MyFavoriteBookLand.com incorporating the themes of the volume.