Medi-Wise Pharmacy has a very reliable and consistent employee -- and can even work 24/7. Who is this phenom?

Well, the pharmacy installed a new RX Medic robotic Automatic Dispensing System in November. Since then, the system has greatly accelerated the pharmacy's speed and efficiency, but most importantly, it has added more time for customer service.

"We knew we had to maintain our level of customer service and the installation of 'Dolly' has really helped that," owner Jeff Neidig said about the new system which has been nicknamed Dolly by those at the pharmacy.

The machine features up to 256 of the most prescribed drugs, and takes approximately 20 seconds to receive the order and fill the prescription for the customer.

With the installation of Dolly, it has not replaced or eliminated anyone working in the pharmacy, Neidig said. But, it has allowed those working in the pharmacy to be able to interact more with customers, and be available to answer customer questions concerning their medications and prescriptions.

In one day, Neidig said Dolly fills approximately 50 to 60 percent of the day's worth of prescriptions. She fills prescriptions from those entered into the computer manually but also from those that were called into the pharmacy (with a previously filled prescription) as a refill. That operation can be done at all hours of the night. Once, the pharmacist and technicians come into the pharmacy the next morning, they can see all the work that Dolly had done over the night. A print out is also sent to Neidig's email telling him exactly what was filled when the pharmacy was closed.

Soon, Neidig said Dolly will be able to refill prescriptions that were ordered via the pharmacy's website.

"She's a part of the staff and we rely on her very heavily to do our top medications," Neidig said.

Even though the machine counts the number of pills prescribed and takes a photograph of every prescription filled, an actual pharmacist takes another scan of the prescription just to make sure everything is correct.

"It is a counting machine and not a real person," Neidig said and that's why they double check the prescription-filling process.

With the installation of the new RX Medic system it is the first brand installed north of North Carolina and is basically maintenance free, Neidig said.

If problems do arise, they can be quickly located or can be remotely accessed and repaired without even touching the machine. Neidig said that is one of the reasons the pharmacy purchased this type of automatic machine.

"It's just phenomenal engineering," he said after learning about the machine at a pharmacy convention last year.

He said it has really streamlined the pharmacy and has made everything more efficient.

"They've really embraced her," Neidig said about the employees using Dolly. "It makes every one so much more efficient."