The Armstrong family of Joplin, Mo., first wanted to thank the residents of Newcomerstown for their prayers after a very strong tornado ripped through the town on Sunday, May 22 at 5:41 p.m. It killed hundreds and destroyed the town's hospital, not to mention leaving many on a list known as "missing."

Corina Armstrong said her house did not receive any damage from the tornado. Fortunately, only a few branches fell from trees in their front yard. Corina and her children took cover in their bottom floor bathroom with their head's between their knees and pillows over top their heads. Her husband Shawn was actually out on their front porch watching the tornado which missed their house by about three blocks.

"It was scary," Corina said about the tornado.

Corina also wanted to clarify a few things from last week's article. Shawn is disabled but can walk. He has transverse myelitis which is a neurological disorder caused by inflammation across both sides of one level, or segment, of the spinal cord.

She also said she was able to receive her paycheck from the administrator's office; the building's roof is gone but the structure is still standing. However, the school that she worked at was destroyed. She said they hope to have it re-built by the next school year which usually starts in August.

As far as donations, she said the family of seven would accept monetary donations in care of Corina's mother, Joyce Tennant, 245 S. Goodrich St., Newcomerstown, OH 43832.

The family has been helping friends and Corina's co-workers move into new homes since the tornado displaced them. But, as far as looking at the list of "missing," she said she's not been able to.

"It's just too heart-breaking," she said, "and I don't think I can stomach it."