Due to the summer activities and vacations, Newcomerstown Village council members have decided to reduce the meetings for July, August and September to one regular session per month instead of the normal two meetings per month.

Council members agreed to have regular session on July 11, Aug. 8 and Sept. 12. They were agreeable that if an urgent issue arises before the next scheduled meeting that a special session would be held.

Council will resume the typical schedule in October with the regular sessions being held the first and third Monday of each month.

Other business discussed at the June 20 session included:

* Council approved the resignation of patrolman Matt Jenkins, effective June 13. Jenkins expressed his gratitude to the village of Newcomerstown for the time he has been employed. Jenkins has reportedly accepted a new position in Columbus.

* Council approved the hiring of five new, part-time patrolmen for the police department. The five new officers are: Jonathon Lopez, Logan Buriff, Jarod Eubanks, Cory Myers, and Duane Buker. According to Police Chief Gary Holland, there were 19 applicants that applied for the positions.

* Second reading was given for an ordinance concerning regulations for demolitions and excavations occurring within the village premises.

* Council approved the June 2011 Compliance Monitoring Plan Revision with North Pointe Engineering with the cost not to exceed $14,705.

* Council approved hiring of Hitchens and Associates for engineering of the 2011 street paving project.

Council's next meeting is set for July 11 at 7 p.m.