Not many 14-year-olds would give much thought to the sacrifices that thousands of men and women have made over the years while defending our country.

Hunter Crosswhite is an exception.

He said he does think of the sacrifices that have been made so that Americans can be safe and continue to live in a free country. He said he wants to do his part to honor all veterans of the United States. Crosswhite has recently made a bit of local history as being the youngest ever honor guard for Newcomerstown's American Legion Post 431. He has been involved in several functions that the honor guards have assisted in this past couple months including the recent Cy Young Days Parade.

Crosswhite is not the only member of his family to have the same principles about honoring our country, his father, and both maternal and paternal grandfathers, both served in the military. Crosswhite's father, John, is also a member of the Newcomerstown Post 431 Honor Guard and served in Vietnam, and was honored for his part in brave rescue of several of his Marine comrades during Asian conflict in 1965.

Crosswhite's maternal grandfather Johnson was retired from a lifelong Army career and had even appeared in a movie ("The Green Berets") that starred John Wayne. Crosswhite's paternal grandfather was stationed in Pearl Harbor during the December 1941 attack by the Japanese.

Crosswhite has recently been visiting with his father and step-mother, Maggie, for the summer. Crosswhite resides with his mother in Florida and will be starting his first year of high school in the upcoming school year.

John and Maggie Crosswhite said, "We are really proud of Hunter and the fact that at age 14 he has such an interest and compassion in being on the honor guard."

He is also a member of the Sons of the American Legion.

Crosswhite said his future plans include college and possibly attending military school. He also has an interest in playing professional basketball.