WEST LAFAYETTE Ridgewood classmates and many others from the community, both young and old, showed their support and shared a hug with a young woman whom they have missed over the last year.

With her beautiful smile, big bright eyes, and captivating personality, Lorren Foster has graced many lives.

A welcome home party took place Sunday, Oct. 2 for the 18-year-old.

Foster has been hospitalized since a tragic car accident during the fall of 2010. Foster has yet to return to school at Ridgewood High because of the severity of injuries after her accident.

Friends said she looks amazing and were happy to see her. Emotions were high as Foster visited with every person.

She can go through the yearbook and name people and faces, said close friend of the family Traci Dennis.

Dennis also had the party-goers sign a guestbook that day so Foster will always remember who loves and supports her.

I am keeping a scrapbook for her and all this will be part of it, she said.

More than 100 people turned out at Ravens Glenn pavilion, which was decorated in the color purple, signifying Lorrens recovery since the accident.

Her mother, Kim Foster, who was always close by her daughters side, said, I especially want to thank the class of 2011, who turned out in a big way to support Lorren. We just ask for everyones continued support and prayers.

She said her daughters recuperation over the last year has been good, and she never gave up on her.

Shes a fighter, I told the doctors, Kim Foster said.

Throughout the last year, may fund-raisers and supporting events have been held. Monies generated are meant to help offset costs of hospital bills and therapy for Lorrens recovery.