PORT WASHINGTON Port Washington ceramic artists Tom Radca and Brenda McMahon have been invited to teach their unique ceramic styles at a school in Italys Tuscany region.

Radca and McMahon are known locally and nationally for their hand-made vessels and sculptural wall murals; they have exhibited in southeast Asia and now their fame will reach into the European market.

This is an exciting opportunity for us, McMahon said, Tom and I love sharing our ceramic creating and firing processes. When were in Italy, I can use organic material from the rolling hills of Tuscany to saggar fire my porcelain vessels.

McMahon and Radca teach this same workshop at their 36-acre farm in the hills near Peoli, but now theyre taking it to Certaldo, Italy, to La Meridiana School of Ceramics, where students will work with them for two full weeks, allowing the creative process to really flourish.

Radca and McMahon are also celebrating their annual open house on Nov. 5 and 6.

Each year, they welcome the public to see the inside of a working studio, watch them unload kilns and purchase hand-made artwork directly from the artists. This has become a November tradition in the hills, just beyond Gnaddenhutten. This years open house runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., kiln unloadings are scheduled for noon on Saturday.

For information, see the websites at www.TomRadca.com and www.BrendaMcMahon.com.

Those interested in joining the two artists in Italy can see the school at www.lamerideiana.com.

McMahon and Radca are both clay artists, creating two separate bodies of work with two distinct styles.

They show their work at juried art fairs across the country where each artist has won multiple awards for their hand-made ceramics. Radca and McMahon exhibited their ceramic artwork together in Thailand in 2007, so Italy expands their international horizons.