STONE CREEK This years Stone Creek Community Halloween Parade featured Pauline Lanzer as its grand marshal.

Pauline was born Oct. 12, 1919, in Springfield, Mass., to Herbert and Louella Roots. She had three older brothers. Her father was a district fire chief so they were required to live in town. She walked to school and home for lunch every day, probably about four miles. When she started high school, she got to ride the trolley.

One of the duties of the fire chief was to lead the grand march at the firemans ball with the mayors partner and the mayor would lead with the chiefs partner. Paulines mother had arthritis and was confined to a wheelchair, so at the age of 13, Pauline was leading off the firemans ball by dancing with the mayor. What an honor for a young girl.

When Pauline was 16, her brother, Weston, came home from his freshman year at college all excited about a trip to England where he would ride a bicycle and stay at hostels along the way. Permission to go was granted only if he could take his sister along with him. The trip to England, on a steamship, took eight days. When they landed, they got Raleigh light weight bicycles with hand brakes and toured England, Wales and Scotland for the next eight weeks, returning home in time to start school in the fall.

After high school, Pauline started college and became interested in nutrition and graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1940 with a general degree in Home Economics. She didnt have a career as we know it today, but she feels her education has helped her in her everyday life over the years.

Pauline married Kenny Lanzer, who was from Dover, Ohio. Now how did that come about, you might ask, as Pauline lived in Massachusetts? Kenny was in the Army, stationed nearby. He went to a local county fair where he met up with a young lady from the area. They married in February of 1942. They lived in Massachusetts for a few years after Kenny got out of the Army. Then came the big move to Ohio. In 1950, Pauline and Kenny moved with their four children to Tuscarawas County.

After moving, they had two more children. A family of three boys and three girls: Norman, Bob, Richard, Sue, Sally and Sandy. After the children, came 12 grandchildren, many great-grandchildren and now some great-great-grandchildren.

Life was never dull. Pauline and her family have lived in or near New Philadelphia, Ragersville, Newcomerstown and Stone Creek since moving to Ohio. She now lives with her son Norman and his family on Hummel Valley Road, just south of New Philadelphia.

After her children were grown, she worked as a waitress, dishwasher, baker and a nutrition aid for the health department. Pauline did try a brief stint as a substitute teacher at York School when her children were young. Her comment about this in todays language is, I only lasted five days. I was not smarter than a fifth grader.

Pauline has been a member of the Jerusalem Church since shortly after moving to Ohio and still attends regularly. She has served the church as a Sunday School teacher for both children and adults, and served as the church librarian for many years. She has been a member of the Jefferson Grange for over 34 years, holding offices and participating in all of the Grange activities.

Pauline is ever the caregiver. She moved back to Massachusetts for about three years to care for a cousin who was badly injured in an automobile accident.

Later, after coming back to Ohio, her eldest brother came to live with her for about 10 years until he moved to a nursing facility.

She was a baby-sitter for many of her grandchildren and was called Grandma Lanzer by many who werent her own grandchildren.

Pauline was always the go-to person when her children needed help with anything. She was always ready to help with homework and 4-H projects.

Pauline keeps busy knitting lap robes and donating them.

She also has knit afghans for all her children. She likes to read and watch television and moves, and follows the Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Indians sports teams. She has been blessed by God and is truly a blessing to her family and those know her.

Pauline was recognized at the Halloween Party at the Tunnel Hill Community Center in Stone Creek on Saturday, Oct. 29.