Michael Neilson/Special to the Newcomerstown News

Three years ago, Newcomerstown resident BJ McFadden was shopping an area antique mall and came across an unfinished quilt top that had numerous names on it. Finding it interesting and being an avid quilter and history buff, she purchased it. The tag attached said all the persons were from Guernsey County. Some time later she showed her friend, Ella Gail McPeek the quilt and she decided to find out more about the people named on it. After searching for some time, they located long-time Cambridge teacher Helen Andrews and her sister-in-law Madeleine, who were among the makers of the quilt. BJ talked with them and found out it had been a project of Helens Naomi Ruth Sunday school class at the First United Methodist Church in 1953. BJ told her she was going to finish the quilt and show it to her when completed. So last Thursday, the duo brought the finished product by to show Helen. It brought back many memories for Helen and she shared them with her two new friends. Looking at it with Helen are BJ, l, and Ella.