She got the idea from a story she read in Mr. Weekleys third grade class at the West Elementary School. There, the child donated $1 to help save a zoo in California that was about ready to close due to funding cuts.

Nine-year old Ashley Kenney of Newcomerstown sent $1 to help Journeys End Ministries in Newcomerstown as a way of helping the poor at Christmas time.

Her letter, that accompanied her donation reads, Dear Journeys End, My Mom told me about you. She told me you needed money for the poor and I am more than welcome to help. Here is a dollar. When people see me giving money to you, they will give you money too. Ashley Kenney.

That $1 was accompanied by $5 from Ashleys mother Michelle. Ashley is the daughter of Michelle and Bill Kenney of Newcomerstown.

She came to me and said she wanted to do it, Michelle said when Ashley asked about sending money to Journeys End.

Journeys End Ministries Director Janet Gore said it was great and it showed the real importance of giving to those in need.

In school, Ashley and her classmates are raising money for Journeys End Ministries, as well as collecting non-perishable food items.

If you would like to donate to Journeys End Ministries, too, mail donations to: 205 S. River St., Newcomerstown, OH 43832.