2011 was a formative year for the Newcomerstown Bicentennial Planning Committee.

The synergy emerging from the devoted group of residents and former residents that has gathered to create what may become one of the most memorable and significant years in the history of our village is highly invigorating and, I must say, inspiring.

Since our first meeting when we collectively developed the mission statement for our yearlong celebration beginning New Years Eve 2013, the contributions of program ideas have been nothing short of spirit-filled.

Our mission statement reads:

The Newcomerstown Bicentennial:

Celebrating with pride our history

Our present

The legacy of our future

Throughout the entire year of 2014, we are planning to demonstrate the truly significant aspects of our history that have affected not only our community but also the entire nation.

We will highlight the current inner strengths that created Newcomerstowns Americana neighborhood of today while drawing attention to a shared vision of the richness of our future.

The committee is excited and we all are moving forward with a very positive energy unique to many planning committees. We actually look forward to each and every meeting as we develop a stronger and stronger bond. There is clearly much work to do.

Soon you will be seeing posters, message boards, and newsletters circulating throughout the village.

Please take a moment to read them.

We wish to communicate with you as to what we are doing and what we need in order to achieve both our celebrative goals and a stronger sense of community pride.

So far I have learned a lot about our town which is modestly positioned in the foothills of Ohio.

Its significance has been understated for far too long. I hope you become curious about our shared heritage and envision becoming part of something that is truly significant and exciting.