Remember those Valentines Day parties from elementary school? The heart-shaped, iced, sugar cookies and red-color fruit punch. We could hardly wait until the afternoon, after all of our class work was finished. The teacher would then announce we were going to exchange our Valentines and have our party!

How about the Valentines boxes we created out of old cigar or shoe boxes? The crate paper to cover the box, white paper lace trimmings, and construction paper hearts of red or pink. I can still smell that paste we used. It had a big brush in the bottle. I think we eventually advanced to Elmers Glue by fifth grade!

I recently sent out a posting to my Facebook friends asking them to share their memories of those Valentines Day parties and exchanging Valentines cards with classmates during their elementary school years. Here are some of the responses I received:

Betsy (Delong) Wise remembers using tin foil as an economical, yet beautiful covering for her Valentines box. She remembers her Dad worked at the former General Tire and was able to obtain bright colored plastic which Betsy was able to make cut-outs from to apply onto the foil covering.

Connie (Bassett) Parks recalls that everyone in her class was to receive a Valentines card. Everyone, even if you didnt really like them, received a card. Nobody was left out.

Nancy (Vierheller) Hurless has the memory of using a Quaker Oats cereal box for her Valentines box.

Kim (Shook) Warren, a former Newcomerstown resident now residing in Colorado, remembers how she, and probably countless other girls, spent hours trying to figure out which Valentine card should be given to which class mate. She said it was a big decision, because if you gave the wrong Valentine (something with a heart- felt message) to a boy in the class he might think you liked him! Then there was the decision to find that special Valentine for the boy in your class that you did like, and wanted him to know it!!

Jeannie Star (Myers) Moberg, a former Newcomerstown resident, now residing in Nashville, Tenn., remembered saving some of the Valentines cards and decorations from her Valentines box. She said she still has some of them in her scrapbook yet today.

Renee (Quillen) Endlich remembers purchasing her Valentines cards and spending most of the day reading each and everyone, then deciding which card was most appropriate for which classmate. She remembers having a crush on a boy in her fifth grade class and writing Do you like me? Say yes or no on the Valentine, then putting it in the boys Valentine box when he wasnt looking.

I am sure many of us have our own special, or quirky memories of Valentines Days from the past. Whatever your memory may be, cherish it, and have a Happy Valentines Day!