The Village of Newcomerstown will be celebrating it's 200th birthday in 2014. You might think to yourself, "That's two years away!" While that is true, those two years are going to be very crucial and everyone's help and input on the celebration is going to be needed in order to make it the best celebration ever.

The committee is asking the community for any help they can provide by means of physical help or monetary contributions. They are also looking for input into what the community wants to see for the 2014 celebration. Everyone can be involved. The committee is also looking for any old mementos, or pictures from the previous Centennial (held in 1914) or the Sequicentennial (held in 1964). The items will be displayed and returned promptly to the owners.

Many of Newcomerstown's citizens recall or have been told by their parents or grandparents how wonderful the 1964 Sequicentennial celebration ( Newcomerstown's 150th birthday) was, and how it seemed as if everyone in Newcomerstown had some type of involvement in it. The event was highly publicized, and much of the history also lives on through the August 1964 editions of the Newcomerstown News, as well as other area newspapers.

In order to get the word out to everyone and get their input, the Bicentennial planning committee members recently held a leadership meeting with some of the village's individuals in attendance that have the capacity to do just that, spread the word! The meeting was held appropriately at the Olde Main Street Museum and Social Center, Thursday, Feb. 16. The event was catered by Roger Seitz from Baker's IGA.

The committee is comprised of many local residents. Some have deep roots to Newcomerstown and some are later "transplants" to the village that have earned their right to claim Newcomerstown as "home" through their deep commitment and involvement in the village.

Pat Cadle and William McCulley are the co-chairmen for the event. Other committee members include: Joel Styer, Gary and Janet Chaney, Corey and Debbie Rehard, Kay Dennis, Patrick Deboer, Rev. Kenneth Hacker, Denny and Marlene Ross, Christy Penland-McMillan, Burris Gardner, Mayor Jim Friel, Judy Lehman Wilcox, Vane Scott II, Linda Mullins, Jeff Neidig, and Kristy Ferrall Tipton.

The committee's mission statement reads: "Celebrating with Pride, Our History, Our Present; The Legacy of Our Future."

Cadle said the committee also wants to focus on the future by "instilling pride back into the community, building our town back up." He informed the group in attendance that one of the plans as an "early lead-in to the celebration" is the construction of a possible photo display with pictures of members of the community put together to signify something specific for the event, and display it somewhere in the community in 2013 to generate interest.

Another project related to the celebration is being planned by Denny Ross for a large topographical map (size would be about 8-foot by 9-foot) that will show a specific, and detailed history of the area. The map would include the Delaware Indian village, the Ohio-Erie Canal, the Tuscarawas River, the original railroads, as well as the one-room school houses that were located throughout the area at one time.

The project of a Bicentennial quilt that the community can contribute to is already popular with the community. The finished quilt will feature embroidered names of members of the community, and will be displayed during the 2014 celebration. Quilt Chairperson Marlene Ross said the community's response to the quilt project so far has been overwhelming and adds, "I think we are going to have enough blocks for a king-sized quilt."

McCulley, now residing in the Columbus area, and the son of a former Newcomerstown physician, Dr. Robert McCulley, closed the meeting saying, "This (purpose of the meeting) is where we want to sprin-board into the future. How do you want to celebrate your legacy?"

For information or to submit contributions or mementos, call or email Pat Cadle at 498-8614 or, or William McCulley at or 614-570-3790.