WEST LAFAYETTE -- Although the resolution still has one more reading, the Village of West Lafayette is strongly opposing the reported suggestion that the Ohio State Department of Taxation is discussing potentially taking control of local municipal income taxes.

The suggestion was reportedly given when the State Biennial Budget bill (House Bill 153) was being discussed earlier this past year.

Mayor Jack Patterson said he feels the decision would "have a big impact on our village funding and revenue, especially with timing." He clarified that the length of time it would potentially take for the village to receive it's funding would be mandated by the state.

He added that, "It could mean a possible loss of revenue for the village. I think if we (the village) lose control of our local municipal income taxes and basically turn it over to the state, we will loose potentially more, and more."

He also said there could be a point where the village would not be able to assist with tax concerns or issues presented by of our citizens if they (the village) no longer have any control.

At present, Mayor Patterson pointed out that the village's fiscal officer Lisa Stiteler provides additional direction, and supportive-type service to the community when they have questions, or concerns with their local taxes.

The pending ordinance that will receive its third and final reading on March 12 reads: "A resolution notifying Governor Kasich, State Senator Balderson, and State Representative Hill that local government need to continue to control and administer the collection of municipal income taxes. The ordinance describes the concern that income tax is the largest source of revenue for most municipalities and any disruption or interference with the current collection process will be harmful to the financial operations of the municipality. The ordinance further describes concern by adding that the prospect of state control over municipal income tax collection presents numerous administrative difficulties, such as, how the state would administer the local tax ordinances, how retention of and access to the tax records would be managed, the timing and frequency of distribution of the collected revenue (to each municipality), the reporting of tax collections, and impact to the planned budget.

"The ordinance closes by saying the West Lafayette Village Council declares its strong opposition to any effort by the State of Ohio to take charge over the collection of municipal income taxes; and urges it's state legislators to reject, and oppose any amendment to pending bills or introduction of new legislation that proposes transfer collection, and/or control of municipal income taxes to the State of Ohio Department

See TAXES, page 2

SEE of Taxation."

Other business discussed during the Feb. 27 regular session included:

Council approved a contract renewal with Coshocton County Job & Family Services to continue having community service workers assist the village employees as needed.

Council approved for Village Administrator to sign contact for GPS Data Collection (for the purpose of identifying fire hydrants, water shut-off valves, sewer manhole covers that are located within the village.

Village has received a street sweeper which will soon be in operation.

Wastewater treatment plant upgrade bids will be open Feb. 29.

Council's next meeting will be March 12 at 7 p.m.