DOVER -- Hospitals have traditionally planned for the future by projecting patient needs, revenues, and expenses. But today, there is little consensus about the future of healthcare. Patients will still need care, but how will hospitals provide that care if revenues go down and expenses continue to rise?

These uncertainties make long-range planning very difficult. But in the short-term, Union Hospital sees the need to address some immediate needs and opportunities.

In UH plans to open an Outpatient Retail Pharmacy in the hospital's Main Lobby. This pharmacy will be for the convenience of hospital patients, patients of hospital owned physician practices, and hospital employees.

The Wound Healing Center has outgrown its existing space on the hospital's ground floor and will be expanded to provide better service to its patients.

The Emergency Department has grown past its design capacity and planning will address growing patient needs for more efficient and convenient care.

Another important area that will receive new 21st Century technology is the Interventional Radiology (IR) Center. The IR Center enables physicians to use minimally invasive techniques to open blocked or clogged blood vessels to prevent stroke or restore circulation to the limbs.

Union Hospital is committed to be the best community hospital we can be and live up to our goal of quality care, close to home.