(Editor's Note: Author Wendy Koile currently lives in Port Washington with her husband and daughter. This is her first book to be published. It is a history book on Ohio's first summer resort -- Geneva on the Lake.)

I have vacationed at Geneva on the Lake -- Ohio's first summer resort every summer of my life. My grandparents began the tradition of a weekly summer vacation at the lake in the 1940s.

My family is now on its forth generation of Geneva on the Lake vacationers. I have loved this tradition since I was a little girl. So much in fact that, all year long, before vacation, I would shut my eyes and hope when I opened them I would find myself at the lake. Never worked. My husband says he wouldn't put it past me to still try that trick today, as I still can't wait to get up there every year.

I am an English and reading instructor at Zane State College. Writing and history have always been a passion. So I combined my love for Geneva on the Lake and my academic skills in order to capture the history of my favorite place in the whole world. That was two years ago.

Last summer, I proposed the idea to The History Press, and that was all she wrote. The History Press specializes in local history books, and they accepted my proposal right away. They have been excellent to work for throughout the entire project.

My favorite part of the process, thus far, has been in the researching end of the project. I love to be buried in the stacks of the archives in the library, or, and this is true, is the cellar of the local museum. I particularly loved meeting the locals of the town and hearing their story. I met so many interesting people and now feel as thought I have a Geneva family of my own.

The book was released March 1.

It was so exciting to hold it in my hands for the first time. It seems almost surreal.

Geneva on the Lake: The History of Ohio's First Resort is available through historypress.net or Amazon.com.