The SWAT Team (Students Who Assist with Technology) of West Elementary School met for its monthly meeting March 8,and the theme for the meeting was Native Americans.

The students used the computers to research the Tuscarawas Indians, especially Chief Netawatwees (Newcomer) formerly Chief Netawatwees, Newcomerstown. Students then made a slideshow of all the information they found. Snacks were provided by two of the students. Next month's meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 12 when the theme will be Jobs in Technology. Teachers Rita Lahmers and Marca Porter lead the SWAT Team.

Rugrats Reading Club

The Rugrats Reading Club of West Elementary School met Tuesday, March 6 for its last meeting of the school year. This session's theme was sea turtles and the students read books and made crafts about them. Carra Arnold, Haley Lazette, Kylah Penrod and Grace Phillips provided snacks and drinks for the meeting. Mrs. Cox donated prizes for the students. Mrs. Bobbie Cox and Mrs. Marca Porter lead the Rugrats Reading Club.

Super Seconds

Another nine weeks is over and second graders that met their AR goals were invited to enjoy a fun "Read and Relax" activity. Everyone has a fresh start as we begin reading to meet our final nine week's goals, so good luck to all our awesome readers!

Diagnostic testing will be coming up soon and many students are running short on pencils and erasers, so please send these supplies to school with your child. Also make sure your children get plenty of sleep and encourage them to do their best on the test. We are enjoying the nice, warm days we've been having, but the temperature can drop fast, so it's still a good idea for students to have a sweatshirt or jacket along for those cooler days.

Thank you to all the parents that continue to see that homework is done and that make time to read to your children.

Have a great spring break!

Third grade tidbits

The third graders are working hard to prepare for the OAA tests in Reading and Math. They are scheduled for the week of April 23. If you wish to help your child review and prepare at home, there are some online resources available to you. Most students know how to log onto Study Island, which covers all of the concepts. There are also resources available through the Ohio Department of Education, also online. All the old test questions are available to study. If you have any questions about these sites, ask your child or your child's teacher.

It is that time of year when many students are running low on supplies. Pencils, dry erase markers, and erasers are in greatest demand. Please ask your child if they have enough supplies.

Our students have been treated to three free science programs. They have studied composting with Marie Schultz from Tuscarawas County Recycling and Litter Prevention. They got a close look at her worms that turn garbage into soil. She also presented a program about recycling. Marsha Zoller from the Tuscarawas Soil and Water Conservation District presented Rocks and Shakes and The Rock Cycle. The students got to see how rocks are formed and then how they get broken down through weathering and erosion.

Third grade students are working very hard this nine weeks to meet their AR goals. Students may need to spend time at home reading to achieve this goal. New goals will be set at the beginning of the new nine weeks starting March 19.

3rd graders are studying multiplication and division. The better they know their facts, the easier these concepts will be. Please help your child practice the facts at home. A good way to practice is to write the number patterns and memorize them. Thanks for all you do to make your child's school experience a success!

Fourth grade news

In Language Arts, students will be learning about r-controlled vowels and silent letters. They will be studying action verbs, main and helping verbs. They will also begin a writer's workshop where they will write persuasive essays and learn about using supportive details/reasons in their writing.

Miss Carruthers' language class has been studying adverbs.

In Math, students are finishing multiplication. They will begin reviewing for the Ohio Achievement Assessment coming up at the end of April. Please continue practicing facts at home.

In Ohio History, students have just finished learning about immigration. It was interesting to hear about where the students' ancestors came from. Students will be learning about the Civil War and the Underground Railroad next. They will also be studying Ohio Inventors.

In Science students just finished learning about forces and Newton's Laws.

They built roller coasters in class to apply what they had learned. Students will be going back to graphing where they will review line plots, line graphs and bar graphs and learn about coordinate grids.

They will also begin reviewing Math concepts that have been covered in Science for the OAA.

In Reading, students have been working on making inferences and drawing conclusions. Drawing conclusions refers to information that is implied. This means that the information is never clearly stated. Writers often tell you more than they say directly.

They give you hints or clues that help you "read between the lines." Students enjoyed reading some fictional stories that gave them good practice with "reading between the lines." Students will be working on fact and opinion and finding the theme of a story in the upcoming weeks.

Our student teacher, Miss Staley, has finished her rotation in Math and Science with Mrs. Schilling. She will be working with Mrs. Filippis next in Language Arts and Ohio History. We are happy to have her working with us.

The third nine weeks will end Friday, March 16. We suspect that students may be getting "spring fever" and we would appreciate if parents would make sure that students are getting their homework done each night. There have been a lot of homework checks for missing assignments in the last few weeks. Students should be writing in their agendas what they have for homework each night so parents can check.

Fifth grade news

Mark your calendar with the following dates that pertain to our fifth grade activities:

Spring with the Arts with fifth grade band, April 12.

IEP meetings with Mrs. Travis, April 12.

IEP meetings with Mrs. Travis, April 13.

Science trip to Mozena farm, April 27.

Reading Ohio Achievement Test, April 26.

Math Ohio Achievement Test, May 1.

Science Ohio Achievement Test, May 3.

Field Trip to COSI, Columbus, May 8.

Talent show/musical, May 29.

More information will be sent home about these events. If you would like to chaperone for the COSI field trip, please let your child's homeroom teacher know.

We are trying something new this year. In addition to the traditional talent show, we will be presenting a 30 minute musical, "A Better You, A Better Me." All fifth grade students will participate in this musical under the direction of Mrs. Masloski.

They thank her for her extra time and effort.

In science, they are going to be studying the following units, Light, Thermal Energy and Space. Encourage your child to work in Study Island.This is an excellent way to review the material they have focused on this year.

Mrs. Hursey has planned a project to study the original colonies of the United States. Then, the students will study the Revolutionary War. In math, they've been studying various kinds of graphs.

They conducted surveys and made graphs to represent our data.

They've finished the Iditarod and continue to review reading skills that we will use for a lifetime not just to pass a test. Currently, we are studying prefixes, dictionary entries and main ideas and details. Please encourage your student to finish the Reading Study Island Quizzes.

This is an excellent way to review skills and get immediate feedback on our answers.

As you can see, they have jam-packed days planned. Thanks for continuing to support your child's education.

The acronym, T.E.A.M. comes to mind: Together Everyone Accomplishes More!