Breakfast at the Newcomerstown elementary, Middle and High schools:

Monday, April 9: Froot Loops (low sugar), apple granola square, orange pineapple juice.

Tuesday, April 10: Turkey sausage, egg and cheese morning munchies, apple juice. West Elementary only, breakfast pizza.

Wednesday, April 11: Chef's choice. West Elementary only, breakfast pizza.

Thursday, April 12: Beef sausage on a biscuit, orange juice. West Elementary, breakfast pizza.

Friday, April 13: Frosted Flakes (low sugar and whole grain), cinnamon raisin bagel, apple-cranberry juice.

Lunch at the Newcomerstown elementary schools:

Monday, April 9: Ours chicken nuggets, hash browns, cinnamon apples.

Tuesday, April 10: Ours Salisbury steak sandwich with gravy, mashed potatoes, fruit, hamburger bun, mini wafers.

Wednesday, April 11: Beef sausage pizza wedge, mixed greens salad, fresh orange.

Thursday, April 12: Macaroni and cheese (whole wheat), mixed vegetables, fresh pear, Goldfish crackers.

Friday, April 13: Ham sandwich, green beans, Sun Chips, fruit.

Lunch at the Newcomerstown Middle and High schools:

Monday, April 9: Homestyle Salisbury Steak sandwich with gravy or cheese pizza dippers with marinara sauce, mashed potatoes, baked Doritos, fruit.

Tuesday, April 10: Chicken nuggets (whole grain) or cheese pizza wedge, potato wedges, salad bar selections, corn muffin.

Wednesday, April 11: Middle school only, barbecue pork sandwich or sausage sandwich, vegetable and variety of fruit; and high school only, stuffed crust pizza, vegetable, fruit.

Thursday, April 12: Middle school only, Kickin' Chicken on hamburger bun, salad bar selections, tortilla rounds (whole grain); and high school only, taco in a bag or French bread pizza, salad bar selections.

Friday, April 13: Chicken patty on hamburger bun or beef sausage pizza wedge, potato rounds, fresh orange, oatmeal cookie.