Assembly for students who complete homework

Students who completed the majority of their homework assignments this nine weeks were treated to a special assembly on March 25. We all enjoyed a visit from the J. J. Brothers who talked to the students about reading and writing.

We are very proud of all the boys and girls who got to attend this special assembly. These students have demonstrated increased maturity and responsibility. These important life skills will serve them well as they continue to embark on their educational journey.


conferences set

Parent-teacher conferences will be April 27 for the East School only.

There will be no school for East School students only on April 27.

Students, families have Easter parties

On March 26, the East School gym was full of children and their families. The children went to the classrooms, according to age. They were able to search for eggs, eat their candy, and color Easter pictures. When the children returned to the gym, Mrs. Darr and Miss Ellis did classroom presentations with some of their students. We concluded the evening with sandwiches, chips and punch! A good time was had by all!

'Stone Soup' set

Mrs. Masloski and the first grade classes have been working very hard to prepare for their presentations of "Stone Soup" the week of April 16. After the classes have presented the play, there will be punch and cookies for the students to share with their guests. The students may go home with their parents after the tea. We hope our students' families will be able to come and enjoy the afternoon with their children.

Absent note needed

Just a reminder that when your child has been absent from school or tardy to school, please send a written excuse when the child returns to school. This is an addition to calling your child off from school. The phone call is for your child's protection so we know that you are aware that your child is not in school. We must have written documentation on file for each absence or tardy your child accrues. If we do not receive a written excuse, the absence or tardy is counted as unexcused.