Newcomerstown Fire Chief Bobby McGarry told Newcomerstown Village Council last Monday night that there is no burning from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. in March, April and May.

This is more of a problem we have outside of town, he said, but it does effect our village.

The burning ban is statewide, he said, and those in the corporation limits and those living outside the limits are effected.

He said you are not allowed to burn brush, trees, tires, etc. and you are not allowed to burn within 1,000 feet of the corporation limit.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency regulates those outside the corporation limits. He said they can issue citations for burning during the restricted times.

He said, however, you can have small fires for barbecues, campfires, cook-outs but they can only be cut, dried firewood inside the corporation limits.

The fires, inside the corporation limits, must be no more than 3-feet high by 2-feet wide. If they are bigger than that or other materials are used, the Newcomerstown Police Department and Newcomerstown Fire Department has jurisdiction over them.

In other business, discussion on placing a cemetery levy on the November ballot was tabled until Village Solicitor Bob Stephenson has time to investigate the millage and amount the levy will generate, if approved by voters.

Councilman Jim Carr said he has received several telephone calls from residents living near Cy Young Park regarding coyotes in the area.

Hes on top of it, Mayor Jim Friel said about having local wildlife expert Paul Celuch investigate the recent coyote activity.

Mayor Friel said if there is a den in the park then thats reason they return. However, he said coyotes do not stay in one spot too long, unless there is a den that has their babies in it.

In other business, Fiscal Officer Kim Meek said the Cy Young Pool will open Memorial Day weekend (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) and be closed until the following weekend when students are out of school. She also said they are accepting applications for lifeguards and a pool manager.

Councilman Burris Gardner said Tri-County Joint Ambulance hired Heather Franklin as an EMT. She will be on a 90-day probation.

Audrey Hanni from the Regional Planning Commission said the village should be receiving its 2010 flood maps.

Council also accepted Resolution 7-12 which approves the recommendations of the Tuscarawas County Tax Incentive Review Council.

Resident Kathie Carr publicly thanked the Newcomerstown Fire Department and Rescue Squad, along with Tri-County Joint Ambulance, for providing excellent service to the community they serve.

We are fortunate community to have them, she said, especially with the week being National Volunteer Week.

Council will meet again Monday, May 7 at 7 p.m. at the civic center.