COSHOCTON -- Christa Walsh was recently recognized for receiving the "Stella's Calling Award" during an award ceremony at Interim Healthcare.

She was presented the award by Tom DiMarco, CEO of Interim Healthcare.

The award is named after Stella May Brown Weaco, a homeless person in Boston. People who knew Stella testify to a life of dignity, kindness, profound politeness and consequence from a destitute "street person." She had an amazingly positive impact on every person she met. It was uplifting to be in her presence. For 26 years, she was a regular at the Women's Lunch Place, a daytime shelter for Boston's poor and homeless women. Stella passed away on New Year's Eve 2008. Her legacy is that she exemplified the power and spirit of giving and the extraordinary importance of human kindness. She was about grace and dignity. She taught that grace and dignity are not a function of wealth or power. They come from within.

Stella probably never knew the immeasurable impact that she had on people. It just happened.

A tribute to Stella May Brown Weaco was read on the Senate floor by the late Senator Ted Kennedy and her memory is officially part of the Jan. 8, 2009, Senate record.

In honoring Stella and those like her, Interim Healthcare has established the "Stella's Calling Award."

The criteria to receive this award are simple. The recipient must have previously been recognized for an act of caring behavior. It encompasses any act of compassion. The selection process is difficult because we have so many people in our organization who could be the recipient because of their acts of kindnes, said Cindi Harriman, branch manager of the local office. This notoriety seldom is noticed let alone celebrated.

Walsh was recognized and received this award for her act of compassion. After witnessing an accident, she stopped and went immediately to the rescue. She could see that an elderly man and two other people were trapped in the car. She attempted to keep the elderly man conscious, holding his head in an upright position so he could breathe, all the while talking with him and consoling him. Unfortunately, he died on the way to the hospital. The other two passengers were comforted until help arrived. Walsh acted quickly and efficiently in taking charge of the situation. It is because of her heroic actions that Walsh has received this prestigious award. In addition to the award, a donation was presented to the local food bank in her name.

Walsh is the Transitional Care coordinator for Interim Healthcare and has been actively involved in the care of their patients for the past 2 years. Interim Healthcare is the nation's largest homecare provider and has local offices in Coshocton and New Philadelphia.

For information, contact 877-759-2106.