Preschoolers give thanks

The West Elementary Preschools would like to send out a big thank you to Baker's IGA, Newcomerstown Fire Department, Newcomerstown Library and Cy Young Lanes for allowing the preschoolers to visit on their Community Field Trip April 24.

The preschoolers and their families had a wonderful time!

The preschool is accepting applications for next school year.

Pick up an application at the West School Office before May 30 or contact Deb Senko at the ECO ESC at 330-308-9939, ext 8209.

Library closing date

The East and West School libraries will be closing for the year on Friday, May 25 for end of the year inventory. Students must have all books checked in at this time. Reminders will be sent home with those students who still have books checked out after this date. Any students with a book still checked out or who have an unpaid library fee at the end of the year will not receive their report card until the books are returned and/or the fees paid along with any other school holds.

Library volunteers

Library volunteers are needed to help organize the books and shelves at East and West Elementary to prepare for end of the year inventory. Volunteer sheets were sent home with students May 9th for interested volunteers. This is a big job each spring. Many hands make light work! If interested in helping, fill out the volunteer sheet sent home with students, or you may email Mrs. Durben at for the scheduled work times.

AR Celebration volunteers

West School students have earned 16,000 AR points as a building to have the AR Celebration on the last day of school, Wednesday, May 30. Everyone at West School will get to attend this celebration since we earned it as a whole building working together. This is a big event and many volunteers are needed for it to be a success. Volunteer sheets were sent home May 9 if you would like to volunteer. Fill out the sheet and return it to Mrs. Durben or you may email Mrs. Durben at

Super Seconds

After a busy month of testing and working hard, second graders enjoyed taking a field trip to The McKinley Museum and Monument in Canton on May 3. It was a lot of fun seeing the animals, doing the hands-on activities, visiting the planetarium, listening to talking statues of President McKinley and his wife, and learning about life in early Ohio. Everyone had a great time! Thanks to all the parents that helped with the field trip and our annual field day on May 4. The many different field day activities provided by Miss Miller made it a fun day for the students. The school year is coming to a fast close, which means we have another exciting activity to look forward to on the last day of school. No one will want to miss this final A.R. celebration of the year when Mrs. Durben brings many fun inflatable activities to our school. Thank you to all the parents and hard working students for a great school year!

Third grade news

Just as the plants are growing and blooming outside, the third graders are quickly growing toward becoming fourth graders. The past few weeks have been very busy. The third graders worked very hard preparing for the OAA's and did an excellent job. To help get the students ready, Mrs. Hlad and the third grade teachers held an OAA Power Day to help get the students excited. Mrs. Addy's class also came out on top of the Fitness Day events and Mr. Lute's class was second. Good job to all the third graders that participated! This month the third graders will be heading to Roscoe Village, having the end of the year AR celebration, and many other fun activities. Keep reading AR with your student so they can reach their fourth nine weeks goal and get an ice cream sandwich! Spring is a busy time, but please keep up on homework and keep practicing those Math facts! Let's have a great end to great school year!

Fourth grade news

Fourth graders sure are ready for summer!

However it's not quite summer yet, so students have been hard at work. Although students have taken the Achievement Test, there are still lots of things to learn! In math classes students have been hard at work learning how to divide. Students have been using the acronym Does McDonald's Sell Cheese Burgers to help them remember the steps in long division: divide, multiply, subtract, check, bring down. In science the students are learning all about plants and making a book of the things they have learned. Students in Mrs. Filippis' Language classes have been learning all about persuasive essays. Beware parents! The might try to use their new powers of persuasion on you this summer! The students in Miss Carruthers' Language class are learning about compound sentences and friendly letters.

Fourth graders will not only be learning but also participating in lots of fun activities before school is out. We have two field trips scheduled: one to the Temperance Tavern here in Newcomerstown and one to Marietta where we will visit the Ohio River Boat Museum, Campus Martius Museum and take a ride down the Muskingum and Ohio Rivers aboard the Valley Gem sternwheeler. We will be having a kickball tournament between the classes, a puzzle party, and play Bunco in math. The fourth grade teachers have greatly enjoyed this group of students and wish them a safe summer and can't wait to see how much they've changed in the fall!

Fifth grade news

We have finished our OAA testing in reading, math and science. We were pleased with the student's efforts for the test. They worked really hard. The results will be available this summer.

We appreciated the opportunity to travel to Troy Mozena's farm for a day of outdoor, hands-on science learning. Marsha Zoeller of the Tuscarawas County Soil and Water Office provided numerous presenters to teach at each station. We especially thank Mr. Mozena and Mrs. Zoeller for planning this event.

We enjoyed our field trip to COSI Columbus. The hands-on exhibits made learning fun. Thanks to the many parent volunteers who gave their day to be with the students. Partial funding for this trip was provided by a grant written by the fifth grade team.

We anticipate a fast-paced end to the 2011-2012 school year:

1. Social Studies is wrapping up the year with the American Revolution and the Civil war. We are also learning where each of the fifty states are located and their abbreviations. Students should be studying their maps every night!

2. Students will be making rockets from 2-liter pop bottles and launching them with a launcher provided by the Tuscarawas County 4-H office.

3. We will be participating in a distance learning activity about where the ingredients come from in a pizza. A pamphlet telling about the origin of the ingredients is given to each student by the American Farm Bureau. Ask your student to see the pamphlet. It's interesting reading.

4. Baby chicks will emerge at the culmination of an embryology study. Thanks to the 4-H office for providing the incubator and eggs for this project. Our chicks will be hatching the week of May 21.If you live in the country, and you would like for your child to have two or three chicks, please write a note and let Mrs. Cabot know.

5. After studying Newton's Laws of Motion during our space unit, students will encase raw eggs in materials that they choose. Then, we will drop them from the top of the stadium bleachers to determine the best design.

We will dissect owl pellets trying to determine the meal the owl had eaten before depositing this particular pellet. This is an activity related to the book we read about owls, Poppy by Avi.

We will continue the tradition of stamping our handprints onto the fifth grade hall wall for many to see in upcoming years.

Selected students will be traveling to the Kent State Tuscarawas Campus for the annual math tournament. They will compete with other students in the county. Good luck to all and thanks for representing our school.

Hands-on math scavenger hunts and outside measuring projects are also planned.

To wrap up the year, all fifth grade students will present a musical, "A Better You-A Better Me" in addition to the talent show. Mrs. Masloski has rehearsed with the students during their music classes for the musical. Dress rehearsal will be on Friday, May 25 with the second and third grades present. Our final show for fourth graders and fifth grade families is on Tuesday, May 29. Both performances will begin at 9 a.m.

Awards will be presented to fifth grade students on Tuesday May 29 beginning at 1 p.m.

The last day of school, May 30, is the traditional AR celebration. We would appreciate your help with this activity if possible. Additional information has been sent home about this.

Our team thanks everyone from the community who has contributed to the students' learning this year. We wish all our students and families a safe and enjoyable summer. We have appreciated the opportunity to teach these students and wish them well as they progress to the middle school.