COSHOCTON -- Coshocton County EMS has been awarded the Star of Life Award for Ohio Region 6 by the Ohio American Chapter of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and the Ohio Division of EMS.

This will be an unprecedented five times in the last 9 years that CCEMS has been chosen to receive the Star of Life Award.

An agency is selected from each of Ohio's 10 EMS Regions. This award is meant to recognize agencies for their remarkable life-saving efforts and exceptional patient care performed during a particular call in the State of Ohio. One particular call a year is nominated and chosen by the Ohio Chapter of ACEP, which many aspects of care, procedures and outcomes are evaluated.

Coshocton County EMS is part of Ohio Region 6, which includes 17 other counties in the Southeast portion of Ohio.

On Feb. 9, CCEMS was dispatched to a Motor Vehicle Collision on Cambridge Road in Coshocton.

On arrival EMS crews found a minivan that had been allegedly struck by a box truck and noticed the minivan had major damage to the side. The driver of the truck was uninjured, but the female driver and sole occupant of the minivan presented with injuries upon assessment. CCEMS crews with help from Coshocton City Fire Department and Coshocton County Sheriffs Deputies worked together to extricate the driver from the wrecked vehicle taking full precaution measures due to the extent of her injuries. The driver was transported to Coshocton County Memorial Hospital, where it was determined that she suffered a serious spinal fracture to her neck. She was then flown by MedFlight to Grant Hospital in Columbus where she received treatment to secure the fracture.

The Trauma physicians and the Neurosurgeon at Grant informed the patient that the reason she was not paralyzed was due to the care provided to her in extricating her out of the vehicle and keeping her calm and secured in full spinal immobilization precautions. Any patient with a potential spinal or neck injury is always a concern for paralysis and if special care and precautions are not taken immediately and maintained throughout treatment it could cause the victim irreversible paralysis.

Dr. Robert Gwinn is the Medical Director for CCEMS and has approved specific Protocols for patients with traumatic injuries that EMS personnel follow. CCEMS also extensively trains on procedures and treatments pertaining to traumatic injuries and follow guidelines prepared by the Ohio Trauma Triage System and perform skill training in accordance with the standards of International Trauma Life Support for continuing education.

CCEMS is extremely honored to be recognized for the Star of Life award. Many EMS personnel and agencies go an entire career and may not even receive a nomination, but to receive the honor for the fifth time is truly an achievement to CCEMS and the recognition to individuals involved is always welcomed.

The Star of Life Award is the highest recognition award that an EMS agency, EMT or Paramedic can receive in Ohio. CCEMS is extremely proud of the individuals involved with this call and extremely grateful to both Coshocton City Fire and Coshocton County Sheriffs department for their professional ability to work as a team and provide a positive outcome from a potentially life altering event.

On May 16, CCEMS personnel, James Miller, Thelma Beckman, Blaine Schooley, Jennifer lavigne, along with Coshocton City Firefighters, Captain Rick Mills and Brian Stiteler and Sargent Dean Hettinger of the Coshocton County Sheriffs department will attend an awards luncheon in Columbus and will be extremely proud and honored to walk alongside the very person, who is the true hero from that day,

Coshocton resident Valerie Brown, along with her family.

Also assisting EMS on scene was Chief Mike layton and Brent Endsley of Coshocton City Fire, Deputy Charlie George Coshocton County Sheriffs office and Keith Shriver, EMS supervisor.

In a fitting timing, May 20th kicks off National EMS week around the nation. Many EMS departments around the nation recognize their staff during this week with various activities, along with supporting hospitals. CCEMS is very proud to serve the residents and visitors of Coshocton County each and every day. It takes a special person to see and perform things these men and woman do each day. This service is definitely not for everyone and one can easily grasp that statement by observing a crew for a day and witnessing the events that unfold in people's lives in and around the County. Although calling 911 for an emergency may seem like a bad day for the person involved, CCEMS is here to provide comfort and the best possible care and treatment to any type of emergency 24 hours a day.