The following are results from the 2012 Cy Young Days Festival in Newcomerstown:

Talent Show

12 and Up -- First, Marc Davis; second, Emily McMahon; and third, Jordan Walker.

Under 12 -- First, Elena Cadle; second, Bella Berkshire; and third (tie), Rhylee Shepherd and Dao Berkshire.

Buckeye State Pedal Pull

Age 4 -- First, Ross Mills; second, Cale Dinger; and third, Cole Himes.

Age 5 -- First, Maddie Mills; second, Kristen Gibson; and third, Brentin Irwin.

Age 6 -- First, Ayden Hursey.

Age 7 -- First, Ainsley Lane.

Age 8 -- First, Milikia Hinogosa; and second, William McMullen.

Age 9 -- First, Kimberly Gibson; and second, Rhylee Shepherd.

Age 10 -- First, Garret Dinger.

Age 11 -- First, Johnathon Sheehan; second, Austin McMullen; and third, Tanner Nonmall.