Several Newcomerstown Middle School students traveled to New Philadelphia in May to compete in the Tuscarawas County Math Tournament against students from other area schools. Those who competed from NMS are listed below.

Sixth grade Math Tournament participants:

Addition and Subtraction --Brea Garretson, Tylar Staggs, Analise Heishman.

Multiplication and Division -- Noah Creager, Austin Gano, Joe McCune.

Fraction, Decimals and Percents -- Hunter Porcher, Jacob Kennedy, Kylie Butler.

Mental Compensation and Problem Solving -- Rylan Popadak, Chase Arnold, Lyssa Canalaes.

Geometry and Measurement -- Kayla Gibson, Daniel Russell, Brody Lehman.

Data Analysis and Algebra -- Kaden Shepherd, Breanna Bryant, Sage Pritchard.

Seventh grade Math Tournament participants: Morgan Burtscher (placed fourth in Addition and Subtraction), Kate Montgomery (placed second in Addition and Subtraction), Kendra Trawinski, Rachel Hinton (placed fifth in Multiplication and Division), Mackenzie Hursey (first place in Multiplication and Division), Amber Moore, Kylee Dean, Hayley McCort, Daniel Meeks (placed fifth in Fractions, Decimals and Percents), Lindsey Amore, Garret Mozena, Brennan Wilkin, Jasmine Daniels, Bailey Guy, Sam Kirker (placed fourth in Geometry and Spacial Sense), Carra Popadak, Brandan Septer, Cora Zickel.

Eighth grade Math Tournament participants:

Addition and Subtraction -- Rachel Kistler (sixth place), Shauna Cox, Dylan Little.

Multiplication and Division -- Justin Green, Chante' Fultz, Kezdynn Stowers.

Fractions, Decimals and Percents -- Andrew Starkey (fifth place), Olivia Moulton, Megan Cleveland.

Mental Computation and Problem Solving -- Tyler McCune, Lucas Barrington, Ben Hartline.

Geometry and Measurement -- Jayde Bricker, Morgan Bunner, Sydney Marlatt.

Data Analysis and Algebra -- Annie Johns, Riley Kellish, Gage Miller (sixth place).