DOVER -- Union Hospital honored those who've given thousands of hours and decades of service Tuesday evening at the annual Union Hospital Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. Kathy Willoughby of New Philadelphia, manager of volunteer services, thanked the nearly 130 volunteers who contributed a total of 20,600 hours of service to the hospital in the most recent year.

Volunteer awards were led by Georgetta Decker of Dover who was named the 2012 recipient of the Helen Hostetler Lifetime Achievement Award. The honor, named for the late Helen Hostetler, recognizes hospital volunteers who achieve 10,000 hours of service or volunteer over a span of 25 years or more. Decker's name is the 24th UH Volunteer to be added to the recognition plaque, honoring Helen Hostetler of New Philadelphia who gave 17,000 hours of service over 25 years, working until she passed away at the age of 94.

Bruce James, president and CEO, and C. Jason Deeds, chairman of the Board of Trustees, thanked all of volunteers for the thousands of hours of service to the hospital, its patients, and employees. James noted that the value of the volunteer's service in 2011 alone was approximately $450,000.

"Beyond the financial value to the hospital, a volunteer is often the first face a patient sees when they arrive at the hospital," James added. "Your smile and warm reception contribute to the high quality of patient care this hospital provides."

Receiving her 10,000 hour pin was Emmajane Dupler of Dover, who has 34 years of volunteer service and was a 2010 recipient of the Helen Hostetler Lifetime Achievement Award.

Other service pin award winners included Edna Neff of Sugarcreek for 6,000 hours, Dan Pompey (5,000 hours), Carol Kies (5,000 hours), Marc Maurer (4,000 hours), Fran Killian (4,000 hours), Shirley Grafe (4,000 hours) of New Philadelphia, and Clara Clark (4,000 hours) of Dover.

Recipients of 3,000 hour pins included Kay Spect of New Philadelphia, Mary Blickensderfer and S. Jane Newland, both of Dover, and Carol Layman of Strasburg.

Recognized for reaching the 2,000 total hour milestone were Lynn Ballantyne and Linda Bertle of Dover and Carol Dunn and Debbie Selinsky, of New Philadephia.

Pins honoring 1,000 hours of service were presented to Barbara Gennert, Wayne Peoples, and Shirley Arnold of Dover, Jackie Metzger and Joan Warren of New Philadephia, and Irene Scheetz of Sugarcreek.

Those recognized with 500 hour pins included Becky Baker, Susan Davis, Louise Keplinger, and Eileen Ren of New Philadelphia, Lacie Hoffman of Dellroy, Ella Beachy of Dover, and Terry Miller of Strasburg.

Awards for the most hours served in 2011 went to Marc Maurer (918) and Shirley Grafe (545) both of New Philadelphia, and Linnie Dulap (619) of Uhrichsville.

Leading the Teen Service awards for the most hours in 2011 was Bryce Keating (108) and Zachery Immel (106) of Dover, and Natalie Neidig (88) of New Philadelphia.

Volunteers honored for the most hours served since the first of this year were Marc Maurer (394) of New Philadelphia, Lacie Hoffman (274) of Dellroy, and Linnie Dunlap (259) of Uhrichsville.

Kathy Willoughby, manager of volunteer services, thanked the 130 adult and teen volunteers who serve more than twenty departments of the hospital.

"I'm very grateful for your commitment, dedication, and loyalty to the hospital and its patients," Willoughby added. "It's a wonderful experience to see how you care for your responsibilities, our patients, and each other."

Teens from the age of 14 and adults of all ages are always welcome to learn more about becoming Union Hospital volunteers. For information, contact the Office of Volunteer Services at 330-364-0833.