WEST LAFAYETTE -- National statistics show that incidents of domestic violence are certainly on the uprise in recent years. Surprisingly, the Village of West Lafayette has reportedly been identified as having high rates for domestic violence.

According to Police Chief Terry Mardis, the village has seen a consistent pattern of domestic violence-type calls for the past year. Police department statistics reveal the following amount of domestic calls for West Lafayette have been as follows: January, 4; February, 8; March, 7; April, 6; May, 9; and June and July, 3, calls.

According to a previous report from the Coshocton County Sheriff's office, the village of West Lafayette has been noted as having the highest rates in the entire county. Chief Mardis said he feels that the issue is attributed to the poor economical status that is plaguing the entire country. He said many individuals are unemployed, cannot find work, tempers are short, stress levels higher. He said the department follows up on each call received and thus far there has been no actual arrests, though warnings have been issued. For the month of July, Chief Mardis said there have been 14 criminal arrests for West Lafayette connected to felony cases, theft and assault. This also included three domestic violence calls.

West Lafayette Village Council approved one resolution at its meeting Aug. 13. Kim Meek was approved as part-time fiscal officer during the upcoming leave of absence of current fiscal officer, Lisa Stiteler. When leave becomes effective for Stiteler, she will then be appointed as village finance manager. She will continue to direct and supervise Meek during the time she is on leave. Stiteler's rate of pay and benefits will remain unchanged (as per her current position as fiscal officer). Upon Stiteler's return to work, the finance manager position will be eliminated and Stiteler will resume her position as village fiscal officer.

Council's next meeting will be Aug. 27 at 7 p.m.