Newcomerstown Village Council was urged to promote the village to attract more businesses and industries when members met Aug. 20.

"I think we need something," Newcomerstown resident Mark Campbell told Village Council. "We have a lot to offer. If we just get the message out."

He said if you look up and down Main Street, businesses are leaving. And, with Janesville Acoustics gone, there's not many jobs left.

Councilman Dave Hickman said he suggested council promote the village by sending out flyers and making a promotional video on the Internet, like those for the State of Michigan.

"We've not made a video, we've not done anything," Hickman said in reference to promoting the village. He said he came before council years ago, and asked that they do those things and nothing has happened.

Council member Sue Simmons said the Newcomerstown Community Improvement Corporation (or CIC) has been advertising the village in larger business magazines in hopes of drawing more business and industry to the area.

Two larger chain restaurants have asked for traffic studies of the Route 36 and Interstate 77 area to see if they would like to build a restaurant, according to council member Heather Stein-Wells.

Campbell agreed but hopes that more industry would come to town which would bring a higher wage and something to provide a living for a family.

In other business, council approved hiring three part-time dispatchers at the police department. The new hires are Jonathan Stanford, Tracy Kenney and Christopher Steed. They were hired at a rate of $8.70 per hour and will receive up to 30 hours a week.

Council will also be advertising for part-time police officers to re-build the police department. The new part-time officers will receive $10.32 per hour.

Council agreed to have Newton Asphalt change the flow of rain water/drainage on College Street near Yummy Drive-Thru and Shrivers HealthMart Pharmacy. They will be milling down the street and allowing more of a slope to the street. The cost will be approximately $2,700.

"It will be after the initial cost," Stein-Wells said regarding the current street paving project that Newton Asphalt is completing in the village.

Council agreed.

In other business, council:

Changed temporary part-time dispatcher Kim Little to permanent part-time dispatcher.

Approved Buckeye Power Sales to replace a circuit board on the generator at the Municipal Building at a cost of $440 when they come to do their scheduled maintenance on the generator.

Council member Janet Bush asked if there are village residents willing to help out/volunteer in the village, they are asked to contact her.

Council member Hickman said there could federal grant monies available to help build a secondary road into the Newcomerstown Industrial Park.

Allowed Mayor Jim Friel to contact Aspen Energy of Powell to get a cost estimate on electricity in the village. The estimate is at no cost to the village.

Discussed the Building Commissioner position. Discussed taking the matter into a committee or just discuss in open session. No decision was made.

Heard the Newcomerstown Chamber of Commerce donated $300 towards the painting of a new police cruiser in the village.

Heard that Tri-County Joint Ambulance hired Amanda Morton, RN, as an EMT on a part-time basis.

Council's next meeting will not be on Labor Day, Sept. 3; instead, they will meet Monday, Sept. 17 at 7 p.m. at the David Barber Civic Center.