In the eight months since the fire that destroyed Janesville Acoustics' Newcomerstown plant, company leadership has diligently worked to assess the organization's infrastructure and workforce needs for today and tomorrow, while considering available resources in several markets, including Newcomerstown.

Following negotiations with three states and considerable internal deliberation, the company announces that it will establish a new facility in Battle Creek, Mich. Key factors influencing the decision include proximity to key automotive customers, the availability of an existing facility large enough to expand operations, and access to a technical college partnership that ensures a continuous stream of skilled workers.

The Newcomerstown facility, located within the Newcomerstown Industrial Park, employed more than 90 workers.

"The decision to choose a location other than Newcomerstown is one that we did not take lightly," said David Cataldi, president of Janesville Acoustics, a Jason company. "We greatly value the service of the men and women who were employed at this facility and the outpouring of support received from the community in the aftermath of the fire. While we looked at various ways to maintain a presence in Newcomerstown, the reality is that the resources we require to meet our evolving needs are not currently available here."

In the days following the fire, Janesville Acoustics shifted some production to its plant on Republic Street in Norwalk, which was slated to close in 2011 but was kept open temporarily until a replacement for the Newcomerstown facility could be identified. This production will now be gradually transferred to Battle Creek and, in keeping with the original plan, the Republic Street plant will close in approximately six months.

Despite the establishment of a new plant in Battle Creek, Janesville Acoustics intends to maintain a presence in Ohio, with its Industrial Parkway plant in Norwalk. To that end, the company has just completed a five-year lease extension on the property and is in the process of installing a large piece of business at the facility.

Janesville Acoustics

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