CAMBRIDGE -- Southeastern Med announces it will expand cancer services by purchasing the Cambridge Regional Cancer Center from the American Oncology Associates Inc. Southeastern Med obtained complete ownership of the cancer center on Aug. 9.

The hospital is now commencing to complete the necessary licensing and regulatory requirements to begin treating patients locally in September.

"The purchase of the cancer center will allow Southeastern Med to care for area cancer patients hopefully by the middle of September," said Ray Chorey, president and CEO of Southeastern Med. "Rather than a patient traveling between multiple providers outside of the Cambridge area, cancer services will be centralized to meet the needs of our community."

"The recent acquisition of the CambridgeCancer Center will allow us to build a completecommunity cancer program in Cambridge," said Michael Sarap, MD, FACS, surgeon with Southeastern Ohio Physicians, Inc. and Southeastern Med medical staff member. "Our cancer and breastcare programs have earned and maintained accreditation from the National Commision on Cancer, and now we can move forward to provide evenbetter care for our cancer patients in their own hometown. Everyone involved in cancer care deeply appreciates theefforts and commitmentmadeby theadministration and Board of Directorsat SoutheasternMedtowards this endeavor."

Southeastern Med will contract with medical and radiation oncologists to provide services at the cancer center. During the transition, the cancer center will continue to provide services to current patients.

"We are very pleased with the recent purchase of the Cambridge Regional Cancer Center," said E. Edwin Conaway, Jr., MD, vice president of Medical Affairs at Southeastern Med. "Drs. Vasan and Shah provided a very valuable healthcare service in Cambridge for more than 20 years. With this purchase, Southeastern Med will expand cancer services to include evaluation and treatment of hematologic disorders not previously treated in our community.Our oncologists will work closely with our surgeons and medical staff to accomplish our mission at Southeastern Med. The cancer center will allow us to provide our patients and community with one-stop access to affordable, high-quality, comprehensive cancer care right here in Cambridge."

Dr. Vasan will contact his current patients to assure continuum of care during the transition.