The Newcomerstown High School Class of 1957 met at the Olde Main Street Museum and Social Center, Newcomerstown, Aug. 11 to celebrate its 55th anniversary class reunion. Class members in attendance for the picture include, l to r, front row, Katie (Renner) Shaw, Jerry Myers, Pat (Miller) Rexroad, Georgina (Brown) Meeks, Pauline (Harris) Young, Gorden Ley, Edna (Heller) Meek, Mindy (Forney) Worthington, Sue (Belt) Bricker, Wilma (Garretson) Russell; and back row, Bob Cross, John Little, Evelyn (Etter) Hart, Dan Sarchet, Marilyn (Angle) Norman, Jolene (Shaw) Kehl, Larry Groff. Back row: Jim Wolff, Dave Sweitzer, Frank Oldt, Ron Furbay, Jim McDonnell.