Students of the Month named

The following students, who were selected by their teachers as October Students of the Month for Newcomerstown Middle School. These students will be recognized at this month's board of education meeting, and will also be treated to lunch at Terry's Pizza by Mr. Peoples.

Sixth grader Marcus Goodwin was selected as the October Student of the Month because his teachers think he is a nice young man, who strives to do well in all of his classes.

He comes to school on a daily basis with a smile on his face, and likes to get involved in helping others, such as with Relay For Life.

Marcus always treats students and staff with respect, is always eager to participate in class, and loves to be recognized for his good grades and kind acts. Marcus, son of Rob and Tara Goodwin, says his favorite class is science, because students get to do fun experiments, and he thinks that the best things about being a Newcomerstown Middle School student is that the days go by quickly, and the teachers are nice. Marcus feels that one of his strengths is getting good grades, and feels that so far, his greatest accomplishment has been learning to ride his bike. Some of Marcus' hobbies/extracurricular activities include Relay for Life, basketball, and soccer. Some fun facts about Marcus are that he has a pet named Domino, his favorite meal is pizza, his favorite expression and piece of advice is "Always try your best!" his all-time favorite book is Shiloh, and he feels he could not live without his video games. In the future, Marcus hopes to become a chef.

The seventh grade team of teachers nominated Austin McMullen as their Student of the Month for October because they are very impressed with him, and enjoy having him in class. He is very polite and respectful to teachers as well as his fellow students. He works well with others and tries to always do the right thing, and also makes it a habit to complete his work on time. Austin, son of John and Kristi McMullen, says the best thing about NMS is the teachers, and his favorite classes this year are ELA, Science and Math, because he likes the teachers and barely gets yelled at. Some of Austin's hobbies/extracurricular activities include riding his bicycle, hunting and trapping, and feels that one of his strengths is the ability to be quiet while hunting. Some fun facts about Austin are that he has two dogs and two cats, his favorite meal is mini meatloaves, his favorite expression is "awesome,"all-time favorite book is Loser, and feels he could not live without his family or his bicycle. The best piece of advice Austin has received thus far came from his dad who told him, "If you get picked on, tell the principal." So far, Austin lists his greatest accomplishment as getting straight A's, and in the future, he hopes to become a mechanic.

Tiffany Miller, daughter of Priscilla Stone and Tim Miller, was chosen by the eighth grade teachers as their October Student of the Month because they feel she is a great example of what a student should be. She completes all assignments exceptionally well, going above and beyond to write wonderful essays.

Tiffany's grades and attendance are excellent, maintaining an "A" in all classes. While her academic work is tremendous, Tiffany also has contributed her own time after school to help decorate during spirit week. She leads by example in the classroom by being cooperative, taking initiative, and showing kindness toward others.

Tiffany thinks the best thing about NMS is that the teachers are great, and the students respect and treat each other equally. Her favorite class is Science because she says it makes you think, and that even though it isn't easy, it is fun. Some of Tiffany's hobbies/extracurricular activities include having the opportunity to be in the National Junior Honor Society and playing basketball, and she feels that one of her strengths is being very thorough with her work. Some fun facts about Tiffany are that she has two pets (a lab names Dazey and a rabbit names Charley), her favorite meal is mashed potatoes with chicken gravy and fried chicken, the last movie she saw was The Avengers, and she feels she could not live without music. One of Tiffany's teachers, Mrs. Yoder, gave her the best advice she's received so far, telling her that "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

Tiffany thinks that her greatest accomplishment so far in life has been to realize that although she may not be perfect, the people that she cares about are proud of her. In the future, Tiffany hopes to go to college to become a marine biologist.