PE Pipeline

Students have been introduced to the PACER (Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run) fitness test. The test is progressive in intensity as it is easy at the beginning and gets harder at the end. The progressive nature of the test provides a built-in warm-up and helps students to pace themselves effectively. The music on the CD has made it a fun way to learn how to take this test and to acquire the skill of pacing themselves while running.

The Big Foot Walking Club has walked 1,145 miles which is like traveling from Newcomerstown to Miami Beach, Fla. Wow!

High School Band AR Assembly

On Wednesday, Oct. 24, the Newcomerstown High School Band put on a show for West School students who meet their first nine weeks AR goal. Joel Hillwig and the band members put on a great show playing a variety of songs along with telling about the different instruments in the band. It was definitely a loud time and the kids enjoyed it! Students have a second nine weeks goal they are currently working on to be able to attend the next AR activity at the end of the second nine weeks in January.

AR Home Connect

If you would like to check on your student's AR progress, AR Home Connect is the website you want to check out. AR Home Connect allows parents and students to check AR progress at home using the student's AR username and password to log in. This program is user friendly, shows the child's AR progress for the nine weeks, progress for the year, shows the score of the most recent quiz taken, and allows you to view a virtual bookshelf of all quizzes ever taken.

Parents and students may log on to Home Connect using their student's AR username and password. A link to Home Connect is on the school district's website on the Library page. West School students have been taught how to use this site if you have questions.

Third Grade News

The October OAA Reading Test was taken by all third graders the week of Oct. 2.They are very proud of the effort the students put into the test. A big thank you to the families for supporting your children by making sure they were well rested and ready to go.

Fall parties are scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 31. They don't wear costumes for this party. See your child's homeroom teacher for details about snacks.

Students have come to the point in the year where pencils, erasers, and dry erase markers need to be replaced. Check with your child to be sure they still have plenty of supplies for school.

We are working hard in all of our classes.Keep reviewing math basic facts with your child nightly. Knowledge of the basic facts helps in all areas in math. Also, continue to read with your child or set aside time each night for your child to read independently. They are still working towards our first nine-weeks goals.The last day to qualify for the AR celebration is Thursday, Sept. 18. Each child needs to reach his/her individual point goal, as well as an 85 percent or higher average score on the tests.

Fourth Grade Features

The fourth graders are getting accustomed to their new block schedules. Having the extra time together each day has also helped to cut down on the amount of homework needing to go home each day. They thank everyone for being flexible as we worked out our new way of scheduling our day.

In math the students are working on their times tables. There is no other way to learn these tables than to memorize them, and they are so important because much of what they will do in math from here on is built around those multiplication facts. An incentive waiting for the students is an ice cream sundae if they have mastered their facts by the time we go home for Christmas break. Keep practicing! In Reading, Miss Bates is having the students write personal narratives. Also, keep reading AR books to meet your nine week goal. In science, we have been working on measurement. The students had fun working with spooky spiders and now they are going to work to find perimeter and area of shapes. In Ohio History, we are learning about the early Ohio Indians. Keep an eye on the students' folders because they will soon be bringing home a note to request supplies to make Indian mounds. This is a really fun activity!

Fifth Grade News

Congratulations to Chase Bryant and Hunter Garretson on being September and October's student of the month. Both young men are very responsible and hard working. They were recognized at the Newcomerstown Board of Education meeting and presented with a plague.

In science, they are finishing the cell and plant unit, will begin the ecology unit, and the recycling unit will begin in December.

In reading, they are working in small groups. Every student will visit five centers per week. Students are working on various reading and language activities. The students seem to be enjoying this center work. They have started discussing immigration and will continue reading about immigration through the leveled readers. Make sure your child is reading AR books and taking the tests.

In math, continue studying multiplication facts with your child! Students have been working with fractions, they should be able to add and subtract fractions. Students have also been introduced to mixed numbers and improper fractions.

In social studies, students are learning about the Early Civilizations in the Western Hemispheres such as the Olmec and Maya. Students have been working with partners to complete a Web Quest on the Early Civilizations.

If your child arrives to school early they have the opportunity to eat breakfast and participate in the Walking Club. Homerooms are open at 8 a.m. at that time students can be in their homeroom reading AR books and taking tests.

Fifth grade Christmas trees and Secret Santa

They will be doing two special activities during December to celebrate the holiday season. Both activities are optional.

Christmas trees will be Friday, Nov. 30

Secret Santa will be the week of Dec. 17.

Additional information will be sent home with the students soon.