DOVER -- The annual Celebration of Lights is a traditional holiday display on the campus of Union Hospital. Again this year, the lighting display will include a 38-foot tall Christmas tree on top of the new Boulevard South Addition, and a lighting display at the Main Entrance.

All of the lights on the tree and building displays represent a gift to the Union Hospital Auxiliary in honor of a friend or family member or as a memorial to a loved one. Many donors place a light or lights in the display to honor a new baby or in recognition of grandchildren, a wedding anniversary, or a birthday.

Others memorialize departed friends or family members by providing a in the display or on the Christmas tree.

The display will be lighted for the Christmas season on Monday, Dec. 3 at 6:30 p.m. with a brief ceremony outside the Main Entrance.

The Auxiliary will serve Christmas cookies and refreshments inside the Main Lobby for Celebration of Lights donors.

A light can be placed in the Celebration of Lights Main Entrance display for a $10 gift to the Union Hospital Auxiliary.

A light on the Christmas tree on top of the building can be provided for a $25 gift, and a light in the holiday star at the top of the tree can be sponsored for a $100 gift.

Celebration of Lights gift forms are available at the Information Desk inside the hospital's Main Entrance or by calling the Community Relations office at 330-602-0778.

Gifts to the Celebration of Lights may be tax deductible and checks should be made payable to the Union Hospital Auxiliary.

Proceeds from the Celebration of Lights are used by the Auxiliary to maintain and expand the lighting displays and to help purchase patient care equipment for Union Hospital.