The new year will bring changes to administration in the Newcomerstown Exempted Village School.

As of Dec. 31, Treasurer Dan Stocker will be retiring from his position that he has held since April 18, 1983.

Ironically, Stocker replaced his mother, Annabelle Stocker, who held the position as treasurer and served on the board of education for the school district.

Dan admits that working as both the clerk-treasurer and serving on the board of education, "would never happen today."

But, he said, "Our family's name has been on payroll and general checks for six decades."

That will end come the start of 2013.

Dan, a 1976 graduate of Newcomerstown High School and 1980 graduate of Muskingum College, worked three years at the State Auditor's Office before returning back to his hometown to serve his community.

He said he has been thankful for what the district has been able to do for his family. By being treasurer, he not only was a steward of taxpayers' money but he was also able to present his three sons with their high school diplomas in which he also signed them. Ironically, his mother's signature is on his high school diploma.

Over the years, he said the biggest change at the treasurer's office has been the switch to the electronic age and how technology has completely changed the way things are done. Reports that were once mailed are now electronically filed is just one example.

He has also persevered and served as treasurer during bleak times in the school district when funds were low, and the community pulled together to pass much-needed levies and bond issues. He was involved with two construction projects (adding classrooms at the West Elementary School and Ohio School Facilities Commission project which made additions to three buildings) and the renovations to Lee Stadium.

"It's nice to know that I had a hand in that," he said.

Throughout his tenure, Dan has worked with four school superintendents and 23 school board members.

"I have been blessed to work with some really great people over the years," he said. "It's been an honor and a privilege to serve the taxpayers of this village. I appreciate that."

In retirement, he and his wife, Janice, plan on traveling and visiting their three children.

However, one of his favorite memories over the years was coaching his sons in football as well as coaching one of the undefeated Newcomerstown football teams.

Dan's enthusiasm and love for the Newcomertown school district was never more evident as to what is heard on the closing of his voice mail message which simply ends with, "Go Trojans!"