Goodbye from Mr. Cadle

This is my last newsletter to address you as principal of West School. Erin Peoples will be replacing me as principal as of Feb. 1. Thank you -- to you the parents of our students of West School for your help and support over not just the past 8 1/2 years as principal, but the previous 25 years with Newcomerstown as a guidance counselor and teacher. I have been fortunate to have three great careers with this school system, each at a different building, and working with excellent staffs and Boards of Education. One of the most enjoyable parts as principal has been meeting former students all over again, as parents! There have been many fun reunions and discussions with you. There is always a lot of pride in watching how you as well as your kids have grown.

I will miss many people and many parts of being a member of this school system, especially being with your children. But it is time, and I am leaving you in good hands with Mrs. Peoples. I hope you will give her the same help and support you provided for me.

Thank you again!

Hello from Mrs. Peoples

I am excited to become the next principal of West School. I have worked in this building for almost 13 years, as a first grade, second grade and fourth grade teacher. West School is a great place to be!

I have been fortunate to have spent the last 9 weeks working in the office with Mr. Cadle and learning the ropes, so to speak.

I am looking forward to working with the staff, students, parents and community in this new position. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions.

PE Pipeline

Ask your son/daughter to see their Fitness Chart as they are beginning 2013 by keeping track of their physical activity inside and outside of class. Students are responsible for monitoring their exercise each day for a week. The goal is to accumulate at least 60 minutes of daily physical activity using different categories within the physical activity pyramid (excluding the inactivity category). This assignment fulfills Standard 3, Benchmark A in for gradebands: K-2 and 3-5 which is part of the Ohio Physical Education Assessment. The Activity Chart will be collected the week after it was distributed in class which was the week of Jan. 7-10.

Sign the bottom of the chart before your child returns it to school.

Big Foot Walking Club

The Big Foot Walking Club has walked 1,860 miles this school year. Way to go!!

If your child arrives too school early, they have the opportunity to eat breakfast and participate in the Walking Club. Homerooms are open at 8 a.m., at that time students can be in their homeroom reading AR books, taking AR tests and doing Math Facts in a Flash.

Boots and not tennis shoes

With the change in weather, more students have been wearing boots to school and have been forgetting to put their tennis shoes in their backpacks the day of PE class.

Students not wearing appropriate shoes six times during the semester will receive an unsatisfactory grade for PE class as it is the equivalent of missing six weeks of class instruction.

If inappropriate footwear is worn, students will walk the perimeter of the gym during PE class. Walking meets Ohio's Physical Education Standard 3: Participates regularly in physical activity / Benchmark A: Engage in regular physical activity inside and outside of school to meet national recommendations for daily physical activity.

(Proper footwear includes tennis-type sneakers: Those with a flat bottom (no heel) and the foot is fully covered. Clogs, crocs, platforms, sandals, flip-flops, dress shoes, and boots are not appropriate types of footwear for Physical Education class.)

AR building a goal for a celebration

They are already halfway through the school year, which is hard to believe! West students have been working hard on their individual AR goals, while as a building we are working to earn 16,000 AR points by the end of the school year. They are almost halfway there with earning 7,266 points as of Friday, Jan. 4. If they reach our goal of 16,000 points, we will earn our annual AR Celebration on the last day of school, which all West students will be able to attend. Keep reading West School!

Second nine weeks AR activity

Our second nine weeks AR Activity is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 16. Students who earn their second nine weeks individual AR goals by Friday, Jan. 11 will be attending. They will start off with throwing pies at Mr. Cadle! One student from each grade level who earns their goals will be drawn to throw a pie while the rest of the students who earned their goals get to watch. After Mr. Cadle is covered in pie, students who met their goals will make a snowman picture frame craft while enjoying a cookie and hot chocolate. Students who do not meet their goals will go to a study room during the activity.

If you would like to keep up on how your child is doing on their goals, you can go to our school's website at, click on the library tab, and go to AR Home Connect. Here you can use your student's AR username and password to log in and view their goals, how they are doing, and see what quizzes they have taken.

Super Seconds

Happy New Year! The second graders were excited to get back to school and into the routine of the new year! However, they are hoping for a little warmer weather so they can get outside and play. Remember to dress for the weather, so you can go out when the playground is cleared of snow and the temperature is above 20 degrees. Also the New Year is a good time to restock those school supplies. The pencil sharpeners are well fed, and pencils need to be replaced often.

In math, they have been working on geometry, plane and solid shapes, measurements, and fractions. They are continuing to master our basic addition and subtraction math facts. They will soon be working on adding two and three digit numbers. Parents who have students in second grade before will find this is a big jump in our math curriculum. Second Graders now need to be able to count and add up to 1,000! What a challenge, but we know we can do it! They can use your help and support by giving us problems to solve using our basic facts, counting by 2's, 5's, 10's and 100's all the way to 1,000!

They are half way through our reading series and will be getting the second textbook soon. The stories have longer sentences and bigger words than they had before. They are learning to "read between the lines" so we can make inferences, understand cause and effect, and determine the main ideas and details in our stories.

They are working on our new AR goals for the third nine weeks. They all want to be able to attend the third nine week celebration that Mrs. Durben has planned for us!

Valentine's Day is coming up. Look for letters to come home with the details of classroom parties.

Third grade updates

Welcome back from your holiday break! Hope you and yours have had a wonderful start to your new year. With the new year, it is also time to do inventory on supply boxes! Students changing classes for the whole second nine weeks has left a number of students short on supplies. There is always a need for pencils with good erasers, glue sticks, and dry erase markers.

Thank you for all your continued support with the changes we have made this nine weeks with students changing classes. It is always so very appreciated when someone at home helps. Be it from helping with homework, helping read a story, helping organize a folder or backpack, helping with a project, helping with studying; all the little things that are done daily to help support a child become a BIG help for teacher! So thank you for all the day in and day out tasks you do to help your child be better prepared for class. They really appreciate all you do, as it is evident in our classrooms.

With the second nine weeks coming to a close, we are looking onward towards the Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAA) that will be this spring. Students will be working a lot with the mastering the third grade standards with practice testing for the OAA. We have a lot of bright students in 3rd grade and have high confidence in their abilities. As they say in third grade, "Bring it on!!!"Change is happening not only with the classrooms and teachers, but with our leadership. As a team, the third grade would like to thank Mr. Cadle for his valuable service with the Newcomerstown School District. They would also like to welcome in Mrs. Peoples as the new West Elementary principal and wish her as many happy years as her predecessor!

Fourth grade news

They are still working on OAA practice. In ELA, they are working on the main idea in a story. They are getting ready to start discussing possessive nouns. In Miss Carruthers' Language class they are studying subjects and predicates. In Math, they will continue to work on multiplication facts, just using larger numbers. Don't forget to keep working on math facts with your child. In Ohio History, they just started the Ohio Territory Unit. In Science, they just finished up our Geology Unit. They are getting ready to start our unit on Matter. They will be doing experiments on physical and chemical changes.

Fifth grade news

Congratulations to Ashlyn Freetage for being the fifth grade student of the month for December. She is very responsible and a hard working young lady. She was recognized at the Newcomerstown Board of Education meeting and presented with a plague.

Science: The students are finishing their unit on natural resources and recycling and will be beginning their unit on weathering and erosion. Marsha Zollar, from the Tuscarawas Soil and Water Conservation District will be at West School for two days to share information on the water table. She will be bringing the "streamulator" so the students can actually see how water weathers and erodes the earth's landscape.

Reading: The students finished "Number the Stars"! They really enjoyed the book. They were then treated to a guest speaker who showed pictures from Aushwitz and spoke about her experience there. Students should continue to be reading AR books and taking the AR tests. Take time to ask your child what he or she is reading.

Math: Students are learning about the different types of angles. They also are learning about lines (parallel and perpendicular) and rays. The students will be learning how to measure angles and triangle. Please encourage your child to work on learning the math facts. There is a program on the computer that your child has access to, called Math Facts in a Flash. Ask your child if they have been working on that program

Social Studies: Students are learning about early European settlers who came to colonize North America. Students will begin to analysis the New England, Middle and Southern colonies. Students have been introduced and should know the location and abbreviation of 35 of the 50 states. Encourage your child to continue to study the states and abbreviations.