The Newcomerstown Board of Public Affairs approved some routine maintenance items at its meeting Feb. 9.

The board approved the purchase of parts for the grinder pump at the wastewater treatment plant in the amount of $2,500 with money to come from the Sewage Repair & Improvement (R&I) fund.

The board approved the annual purchase of 24 light bulbs at $150 each for the UV System at a cost of $4,000 with money to come from the Sewage R&I fund.

A proposal from Data Command to either repair or install new communication from seven of the village's lift stations to the Superintendent's Office and the Ohio EPA was approved at a cost of $3,150 per lift station. Money for the proposal will come from Sewage R&I.

The board tabled plans from L-Con Engineers for the Canal Street lift station and replacement of Walker Court lift station, Policy No. 3-18, and Moody's of Dayton to service the wells at the Newcomerstown Well Field.

The water department office will be closed Monday, Feb. 25 till noon so that board member Mike Hartline and employees Shirley Hayes and Debbie Elliott can meet with Village Solicitor Robert Stephenson regarding changes in how bills are mailed out as well as finding out how long past bills must be kept on file at the water department.

The board approved advertising to hire a wastewater operator.

The board will meet again Friday, March 8 at 9 a.m. at the water department.