AR pies and snowmen

Students who earned their second nine weeks AR goals were able to attend the AR activity on Wednesday, Jan. 16 of seeing Mr. Cadle get pied and then making a snowman picture frame craft while enjoying cookies and hot chocolate. Students who reached their second nine weeks goals earned their names in a drawing. One person from each grade level was drawn to throw a pie in Mr. Cadle's face. Thank you for being a great sport Mr. Cadle!

Read and Relax

The third nine weeks activity is set. On the Wednesday following the end of the nine weeks, they will have our annual Read and Relax for the next AR activity.

Students who meet their third nine weeks AR goals will be able to bring a pillow and blanket to school that day.

Students will be mixed up throughout the building and given a snack and drink to enjoy while they read and relax for the last hour of the day. Students, make sure you earn your goal!

Parents, remember you can keep track of how your student is doing by logging into AR Home Connect from our school's web site.

AR building points

Students are still working hard to continue earning AR points.

The building goal is 16,000 points to earn the end of the year celebration on the last day of school. So far, students have earned 9,802 points. If they reach the goal as a building, everyone will get to attend. Keep reading West School!

Students to take the stage!

On Feb. 7 and 8, a total of 21 West Elementary students auditioned for the role of junior campers in this year's high school musical, Kamp Kaos. Each student was expected to prepare an introduction and song as well as act out lines provided to them by the director, Miss Lefler, and high school cast and crew members. After auditions were over, it was obvious that the drama department's future is looking bright! West Elementary students receiving either speaking and/or chorus parts were as follows: Olivia Valdez, Hunter Kennedy, Caitlin Green, Erika Alexander, Kahnnor Stowers, Jaden McPeek, Destiny Davis, Kimberly Halsey, Kobe Lower, Hayley Robinson, Ashley Russell, Kaylee Ringer, Tayte Bryan, Crimzen Christmas, Kylah Penrod, Lincoln Stull, Abby Kennedy, Van Swinehart, Madison Cunningham, Patricia Canales, and Caleb Gano.

If you want to see these students and the rest of the cast and chorus in action, production dates are April 11, 12, and 13 at the Newcomerstown Middle School. Curtain opens at 7 p.m., and tickets are only $5 a piece (with children 3 or under being admitted for free).

SWAT Team news

West School's fifth grade computer team, the SWAT Team, met for their regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 13. The student project was a five slide animal presentation, complete with pictures, sounds and slide transitions. Most of the students working in pairs to complete the assignment. Snacks and drinks were provided by Mia Cadle and Hannah Gamble. Members of the SWAT Team are: Mia Cadle, Maddie Fish, Hannah Gamble, Hunter Garretson, Leah Kellish, Cody Machan, Alaina McCort, Alex Porcher, Katie Tidwell and Brianna Walkup. The next scheduled meeting will be March 13 when the theme is foreign language. Marca Porter is the computer teacher and leader of the team.

Rugrats to meet

The Rugrats Reading Club met for its March meeting on Tuesday, March 12. The theme for the meeting was Bobbin' Robins, and the students read books and made crafts that matched the theme. Snacks and drinks were provided by Gage Bricker, Taylor Moger, Kyler Popadak and Caitlin Green. The next scheduled meeting is Tuesday, March 5, when the theme will be Spring Lambs. Leaders of the Reading Club are West School teachers Bobbie Cox and Marca Porter.

Second grade news

We don't know about you, but the second graders are ready for spring.

With all the snow and cold, they have been having many inside recesses. They are ready for some outside fun! Don't forget to bring your hat and coat. Keep practicing your math facts at home.

They will be starting two digit addition and subtraction soon and knowing your basic facts will make this much easier. In reading, they have some interesting stories to ahead. They will be working on fantasy and reality, sequence of events, and drawing conclusions. Keep working on those AR goals. Cursive writing is going great. The students enjoy learning this and work really hard. As always, ask your child if he or she needs new school supplies. Pencils with erasers are very important.

Third grade news

It is hard to believe that this is the halfway point of the third quarter and third grade has great news -- everyone is learning their times tables! On these snowy days, you can quiz your child on the their multiplication tables or even have your child make a set for their own use. It is very important that they try and memorize their multiplication tables. In Science, they are learning about natural environments and in social studies, they are learning about the country's geography.

With every month that passes, the third graders are improving in reading. You can help with this also -- set aside 15 minutes per night for reading practice. This is especially important if you have younger children, include them in this routine. Ask your child what their AR goal is and what book they are reading. The children are able to get books weekly from our school library and some have been going to the public library. The Newcomerstown Public Library is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. If your child is interested in a certain title or series, the librarians can get it for you.

It is the time of year when we are low on tissues and pencils, send some to school.

Fourth grade news

With all of the snow days behind us (hopefully!), fourth graders are had at work on lots of big topics. In Mrs. Filippis' social studies classes, students have been learning about European exploration of North America. They are currently learning about the French and Indian War and will soon move onto the American Revolution. Mrs. Schilling is moving right along in the multiplication world! Students will soon be learning how to multiply 2-digit by 2 and 3-digit numbers. Miss Staley's science classes have finished up some pretty neat experiments showing chemical and physical change and will next be moving on to measurement. Miss Bates will soon be covering How-To Articles in Language. Students will be taking a short break from reading, but will soon be back to grind analyzing characters will Miss Bates, Mr. George and Miss Carruthers. Spring and the OAA are coming and fourth graders are ready for both of them!

Fifth grade news

The fifth grade students continue to work hard on a daily basis. They are a wonderful group of boys and girls. It is hard to believe that they are already half way through their fifth grade year. Katie Tidwell was recognized at the February School Board meeting as the fifth grade student of the month.

This is what is going on in the fifth grade core classes:

Reading: The students will begin a chapter booked entitled, "Bridge to Terabithia." Mrs. Rominger would like to let you know that the students have access to a program on the computer called Spelling City, where they can log in and practice their spelling words in a variety of ways. All student know how to log on to this program. All students should be reading for 20 minutes each evening and taking AR tests.

Social studies: In social studies, they are studying the 13 colonies.Students will be creating a picture book of the colonies and then will create a venn diagram to compare the New England, Middle and Southern colonies. Coming soon the students will learn how to make a multi-tiered timeline.

Math: The students have been working on finding perimeter, area and volume of objects. They should continue to work on learning their Math Facts. They all have access to a program called Math Facts in a Flash, please encourage your child to find time during the day to work on this program.

Science: The students just started a unit on electricity. They should be keeping all their class notes and assignments in their Science Binder.