Congratulations to Rees Creager, son of Sue and Shaun Creager, for being selected as the sixth grade Student of the Month for January!

His teachers have numerous positive comments to share about their star pupil, including that he is a terrific student and a wonderful asset to our building.

Rees puts tremendous effort in his classes, especially into AR reading, and is a great role model for his peers. Rees lists Honors ELA as his favorite class this year, because he thinks it is the easiest for him and also the most fun, and he feels that one of his greatest strengths is band. In his spare time, Rees enjoys playing his Xbox, and going outside with his friends. He feels the best things about attending Newcomerstown Middle School are the teachers and his friends. Some fun facts about Rees are that his favorite meal is steak and potatoes; the last movie he watched was "Wreck It, Ralph;" his all-time favorite book is "The Crimson Crown;" his favorite celebrity is Tom Cruise; and he feels he could not live without his Kindle Fire. When it comes to advice, Rees said the best he's received so far came from his dad, who told him that "Two wrongs don't make a right." Rees counts as his greatest accomplishment has been taking second place in the art contest every single year in elementary school, and in the future, he aspires to be an eye surgeon.

Amaris Wells, daughter of Nichelle Wells and Roger Wells, was nominated as the seventh grade January Student of the Month because she is a conscientious, fun-loving student, who enjoys a good laugh but at the same time, knows the importance of doing well. She often asks for clarification about her assignments which demonstrates her desire to do her best. Amaris said her favorite class this year is Science, because students have the opportunity to do more hands on activities, and she feels the best thing about Newcomerstown Middle School is getting to attend classes with her friends. In her spare time, Amaris enjoys playing basketball, dancing, and just hanging out with her friends. Some fun facts about Amaris are that she has a dog named Buddy; her favorite meal is chicken fingers and french fries; her all-time favorite book is "A Child Called It;" the last movie she saw was "The Haunted House;" and she feels she just could not live without her family and friends. So far in life, Amaris lists as her greatest accomplishment getting all As on her report card, and in the future, she hopes to become a psychologist or a dancer.

The eighth grade teachers selected Carra Popadak as its Student of the Month for January because they feel she is very academically oriented as she strives to excel in all that she does. She's always willing to volunteer in the classroom, is very helpful to teachers and fellow students, and is a leader by example. Carra has been very active in PACCT while here at NMS, in fact never missing a PACCT event so far in 2 1/2 years. She has also been the leading fundraiser for the entire school two years running for our Cystric Fibrosis Walk.

Her teachers commend her on her excellent work ethics and dedication to school and the community.

Carra, daughter of Michael and Rhonda Popadak, said her favorite class this year is Science, because they get to do hands on experiments and Mrs.Yoder makes learning fun, and thinks the best thing about Newcomerstown Middle School is that we have been rated "EXCELLENT" for two years in a row. In her spare time, Carra enjoys participating in PACCT, Relay For Life, tap and hip hop classes at Studio 3, and being a member of NMS sports teams.

Some fun facts about Carra are that she has two pets (Bubbah Jay and Mikey); her favorite meal is mashed potatoes with ground beef gravy; the last movie she saw was "Mamma Mia;" her all-time favorite book is "Unchanted" by Chanda Wahn; and she feels she just could not live without her Kindle Fire.