In an effort to save money, Newcomerstown Village Council is looking into having only one company inspect the village's fire extinguishers.

Currently, four companies are being used to inspect the fire extinguishers that are located at various departments in the village, including the park, cemetery, street garage, water department, sewer department, etc.

"I think it makes total sense to be with one company rather than four," councilman Jim Carr said.

Council member Heather Stein-Wells suggested that Silco Fire Protection would be used to service/inspect the fire extinguishers.

She said by using one company, they would give the village a discounted rate by having a bulk inspection.

She said she would check on the exact cost and report back to council.

In other business, council discussed what paving some village streets this summer. Council member Sue Simmons asked Village Solicitor Beth Ferguson-Pollock to look into how much money is in the Street Levy Fund before any designation of streets to be paved is announced.

Simmons said it may be that the village only does "patch" work this summer and no total street paving.

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Council also offered a round of applause to Audrey Hanni, who was absent. Hanni was recognized by the Tuscarawas County Regional Planning Commission for serving 14 years on the board and four years as the commission's secretary.

Councilmember Burris Gardner said Tri-County Joint Ambulance had 553 ambulance runs last year with 65 percent of those in the village.

Council also heard the second reading of Ordinance No. 2-13 that combines certain departments in the village.

Council will meet again Monday, March 4 at 7 p.m. at the David Barber Civic Center, Newcomerstown.