"The changes that come are pretty amazing," said Joe Barone of ShaleDirectories.com.

Barone, who operates "the online version of the yellow pages for the oil and gas industry," spoke to approximately 35 local land owners and business owners Feb. 28 at the David Barber Civic Center in Newcomerstown.

The oil and gas activity seminar was provided by the Newcomerstown Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Century National Bank.

Barone said he started ShaleDirectories.com because the oil and gas industry workers do everything online.

"It's really important that they do everything electronically," Barone said.

He said getting responses from text messages is the fastest way to get a response from an oil and gas industry employee/worker. He said telephone calls and emails aren't as quickly replied to as a text message.

Barone gave his five steps to success (for business owners) in the shale industry after experiencing the oil and gas boom in Williamsport, Pa., area, where he is from. The steps to success include: 1. Get out of your comfort zone; 2. Know your skills and refine your message; 3. There is no silver bullet (for communicating your message); 4. It's all about networking (keep in touch with those in the industry); and 5. Follow up means success (keep "polite" persistence).

He told local businessmen and landowners that they are in the "sweet spot" of Ohio for oil and gas production. He said from Trumbull County to Washington County is known in the oil and gas industry as "the sweet spot." With that, he expects Newcomerstown to be in a great location at the intersection of Interstate 77 and Route 36.

The anticipated "boom," Barone predicts, will not be short-lived. Instead, he expects the area to be drilling wells for the next 40 to 50 years.

"This is the most fun I've had in business in the last 20 to 30 years," Barone said.

He said he can't wait to see what good things will happen in this area.

Barone's presentation was followed by representatives from Century National Bank discussing the role of banking in the oil and gas industry, tax planning, estate planning and investment management.

Newcomerstown Chamber of Commerce Vice President Pat Cadle invited those in attendance to join the chamber of commerce as well as visit the chamber's web site and mobile app.