The phrase was coined at last Monday's Newcomerstown Village Council meeting that the village has become "pothole city."

And because of that, council took action.

Council approved Southeastern Equipment of Cambridge to patch potholes on a Saturday (when there are no school buses in operation) using a Schwarze SP-550 spray patcher at a cost of $1,300 for an eight-hour day (and not to exceed $5,000).

Council and Street Commissioner Bob Martin are to determine which streets need repaired first.

"People who use this have better results," said Ryan Haney of Southeastern Equipment. "This is a permanent solution to a pothole -- not a Band-Aid."

Martin said just patching potholes with hot patch doesn't fix the problem. However, he said, using this machine will fix the pothole.

Haney said the "fix" is a rapid set type of material and when the machine pulls away from the pothole, the material is set.

As soon as the weather breaks and the streets are swept, the patching will begin.

In other business, council approved and adopted Ordinance No. 2-13 which combines certain village departments including the street and cemetery.

It was clarified that Martin will remain in charge of the Street Department and Mike Bryant will be in charge of the Cemetery Department.

"This has been working well so far and we want it to continue," said Sue Simmons, who served as President Pro Temp of the meeting in the absence of Mayor Jim Friel.

It was also announced that all Street and Cemetery department employees must clock-in and clock-out at the Street Garage.

Council also approved having the Street Department's large dump truck's transmission replaced with a new transmission by Truck Sales in Midvale at a cost of $6,036.54.

Meanwhile, the dump truck at the cemetery needs to be towed to the Truck Sales in Midvale for an estimate because it's not running.

Council also approved having Street Department employee Bob Shepherd receive up to 28 hours a week instead of 20 hours a week, if necessary.

Council accepted the resignation of part-time police officer Adam Huey.

Newcomerstown Police Chief Gary Holland reminded village residents that there is a leash law in the village and wants residents who walk their dogs to make sure their animal is on a leash. He said there are been reports of dog bites in the village.

Council also approved $1,1460.60 for the annual fee of the Lead Drug Task Force. The amount is determined by the per capita fee of 30 cents per individual.

Council will meet again Monday, March 18 at 7 p.m. at the David Barber Civic Center, Newcomerstown. The meetings are open to the public.