The sixth grade teachers at the Newcomerstown Middle School chose Candace Offman as its February Student of the Month because they feel she is a well-rounded student, who shows outstanding effort in all of her classes.

She goes above the call of duty on her daily work and is a great critical thinker. Her teachers appreciate all her hard work and effort. Candace, daughter of Kelly J. Offman, says her favorite class this year is math, because she loves the feeling when she figures out a difficult problem, and she thinks the best thing about Newcomerstown Middle School is how encouraging the teachers and staff are. In her spare time, Candace enjoys drawing, making pot holders, reading, and organizing her room to make it appear larger. Some fun facts about Candace are that she has three pets -- dogs named Daisy May and Angel, and a fish named Paul; her favorite meal is cheeseburger, fries and a salad; the last movie she watched was The Twilight Saga:Eclipse; her favorite all time books are Harry Potter or the Twilight series; her favorite expression is "Break a leg!"; her favorite celebrity is Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper); and she doesn't think she could live without her awesome friends and family. The best piece of advice she's come up was from John Lennon, who said, "You don't need anybody to tell you who you are or what you are. You are what you are!" and she feels her greatest accomplishment so far has been winning the 2012 Rachel B. Stoffer Spelling Bee here at NMS. In the future, Candace hopes to open a "cakery" with Rachel Gamble.

Seventh grader Jalen Carlos was nominated by his teachers for February Student of the Month because they feel he is a good role model for his peers, and a very nice addition to NMS. He is a personable boy who is polite to his teachers, behaves well in class, and always strives to do well. Jalen, son of Sharlyn Miller, says his favorite class this year is English Language Arts (ELA) because he feels he is really good at it, and feels that one of his strengths is math. He thinks that the best thing about being a student at Newcomerstown Middle School is that we have good food (Yes, we do! We love our cooks!). Some of Jalen's hobbies/extracurriculars are playing soccer, ping pong, bowling, and video games, and feels like his greatest accomplishment so far has been winning the bowling tournament in Sugarcreek. Some fun facts about Jalen include that he has one pet, Cujo; his favorite meal is kielbasa; the last movie he saw was When A Stranger Calls; his all-time favorite book is Mockingjay; and he doesn't think he could live without his family, his friends or his iPad. In the future, Jalen would like to become a B.A.U. agent.

Brandon Moore was selected by his teachers as the eighth grade Student of the Month for February because he is a hard-working young man, who is always polite, helpful, attentive, and who continually tries his best. Brandon stays on task, completes assignments, and studies hard. In addition, his character, work ethic and participation in extra-curricular activities make him quite an asset to the NMS student body. Brandon's favorite class this year is history, because he likes to learn about the Civil War, and he thinks the best things about Newcomerstown Middle School are that the teachers are nice and that he has good friends.

Some of Brandon's hobbies and activities that he enjoys are playing video games, watching TV, and playing basketball and football, and he feels that one of his strengths is being good in school. Some fun facts about Brandon are that his favorite meal is pizza; the last movie he saw was Hunger Games; his all-time favorite book is Old Yeller; his favorite celebrity is LeBron James; and he thinks he could not live without music.

The best advice he's ever received came from his aunt, who told him "Never give up!" and he lists his greatest accomplishment so far in life as capturing second place in the IVC wrestling tournament. In the future, Brandon hopes to play basketball.