Monday Bowlerettes (March 18)

Highs: Marci Smith, 558; Judy West, 528; and Barb Somerville, 518.

Standings: Cameo, 29; Triplett Roofing, 24; Muffin Tops, 22; KL Welch and Sons, 21; Vince Grewell Remodeling, 20; Rock Hill Farm, 16; and Kovatch Castings, 8.

Monday Men (March 18)

Highs: Chris Bryant, 662; Kyle Bourne, 661; and Leman Clark, 654.

Standings: KL Welch and Sons, 32; Cy Young Lanes and Craigo's 27; Brandon Farms, 25; Lafferty Chipping, 20; M&T Trucking, 19; Nct Woodcrafters, 15; and Whitetail Country Store, 11.

Tuesday Early Bird League (March 19)

Teams: Precision Point Pro Shop, 37.5-10.5; Out of Towners, 35-13; S.O.S., 31-17; Robinson Farms, 27-21; Purdy Chiropractic, 17.5-30.5; Kraft Foods, 17-31; Pell Insurance, 16-32; and Watts True Value, 11-37.

Standings: Shawn Parks, 248-701; Ed Berkshire, 250-699; Randy Schworm, 256-693; Mike Leach, 247-664; Joe Hamersley, 233-644; Larry Stocker, 232-642; Mark Cutshall, 232-633; Paul Coburn, 245-627; Steve Lewis, 215-619; Monk Grace, 216-616; Tim Durben, 231-614; and Denny Bluck, 223-606.

Strikes and Spares Mixed (March 20)

Women's highs: Kristy Landis, 590; Beth Vanfossen, 55; and Holly Roof, 507.

Men's highs: Ed Moyer, 663; Brice Miller, 664; and Jeff Grewell, 630.

Standings: Terry's Pizza and Forest Hill Septic, 36; Dick's Place and Havers Supply 28; S.O.S., and S&R Auto, 25; T&T Auto, 18; and Havers Homeless, 12.

City tournaments results

City tournaments took place this past week at Cy Young Lanes, Newcomerstown, and the following are the results:

Womens' team event had 14 teams competing. Tastee Apple Team, with the oldest active bowler in Newcomerstown, 92-year old Freda Cooper, came in first place with a 3,135 total. Cooper bowled a 489 series with a 119 average and earned her three awards for USBC -- 157 and 186 games and the series of 489. Other team members include: Eva Shaffer, earned USBC award for her 177 game; Shari Grewell, earned USBC award for her 179 game, and Shirley Smith and Thelma McCoun rounded out the team.

The second place team was the KL Welch and Sons Team with a 2,951 total. Desiree Welch, Jamie Mayo, Angie Grewell, Kathy Stringer and Penny Clark comprised the team.

The doubles event had 15 sets. The first place was Becca Smith and Brandi Smith with 1,242; and second place was Kari Weaver and Regina Quillin with 1,219. Brandi Smith earned USBC awards with 118 average. She had a 195 game and a 415 series.

In the singles event, there were 30 bowlers. Regina Quillin had a 130 average. She bowled 175-157-196-528-168 handicapped for a total of 696. Second place was Tish Parks (122 average) and bowled 170-162-161-493-186 handicapped with a total of 679.

All events actual went to Kari Weaver with 1,792.

All events handicapped went to Tish Parks with 1,919.

The first men's team went to Dick's Place with a score of 3,288. The team includes Jeff Grewell, Ember Bryant, Richard Holbart, Chris Bryant, and Jason Wright.

The second place was Terry's Pizza.

Doubles winners were Tim Durben, 213-267-236-716, and Mike Leach, 183-227-212-616, for a total of 1,332; and second place went to Brice Miller, 212-211-225-648, and Shawn Parks, 212-227-225-664, for a total of 1,324.

Singles event went to Tim Durben with 194-290-245-729; and second place, Shawn Parks, 256-253-216-725.

All events actual went to Tim Durben, 2,089.

All events handicapped went to Paul Colburn, 1,989.

Mike Leach, in the team event on March 13, tied the house record series with 258-267-290-815 series. Ed Berkshire bowled 257-300-258-815 on Dec. 15, 2009. Both Leach and Berkshire bowled their high series on the same pair of lanes 5 and 6.